Yes, you’re right, this does seem like a strange blog post from a travel blogger. I’m not a TV blogger (if such a thing even exists?), but this brilliant new Netflix show is travel related, and it’s so good I had to share it with you all.

Street Food is one of the very best travel-related TV programmes that I’ve watched for ages.

If you’re looking for a show to add to your watch list or binge watch over the weekend and you love travel and food then I can’t recommend this more. I also highly recommend you don’t watch this programme hungry, because it’ll have you feeling ravenous before long.

Each episode is set in a different place in Asia. So far, three episodes in I’ve been transported to Bangkok, Osaka and Delhi without evening having to leave my sofa.

In each episode you’re introduced to a few different street food vendors in that city. You learn about the food they make, their (often sad and impoverished) background and their story. It’s interesting to learn about the people behind the food as much as it is learning about the dishes they make.

One thing I like about the show is that they focus on street food. Simple, cheap, honest meals that are accessible to everyone.

Something that each of the street food vendors have in common is that they are proud of the food they produce. They work hard, source the best ingredients and create the best food they can.

Episode two in Osaka introduced us to Toyo, an adorable older man who cooks tuna under a blowtorch, turning the tuna with his bare hands under the flames because he is able to do it without tearing the tuna as a pair of tongs would. He alternates between dipping his hand in iced water and turning the tuna under the searing heat of his blowtorch completely nonchalantly. There’s even a clip of him lighting his cigarette in his mouth with the blowtorch! Seriously hardcore.

He gives little gems of advice like “be the head of a chicken, not the tail of a bull”. He’s wise AND he can cook delicious looking food!

My favourite episode (so far) is definitely Delhi. I love seeing the shots of the crazily chaotic streets and remembering my time there.

netflix show street food

The whole episode got me really excited for my trip to India and my return to Delhi later this year. I’ll absolutely be re-watching the episode before I go and noting down the street food vendors that I want to visit whilst I’m there.

The thought of going to these places myself in real life is so exciting and I can’t wait to experience the whole thing for myself. The sights, the sounds, the smells, the noise, the general chaos that is India. I’m so excited to soak it all in.

There are nine episodes in total so excuse me while I head off to binge watch the rest!

Have you watched Street Food yet?