As a travel blogger and self-confessed travel addict it’s no surprise that I love going to new places as often as possible. There are some places I’m happy to return to though, and there are quite a few destinations I’ve been to 10 or more times!

Without further ado, these are some of my most visited destinations…


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I’ve been to Barcelona well in excess of 10 times and it’s a place I still never get tired of.

I love how there’s a beach just minutes from the heart of the city centre, so you can stroll on the beach in the morning and then head into the city in the afternoon. Perfect for someone like me who likes to be pretty busy and active during a trip!

I love the architecture in the city, the amazing food scene, the intriguing streets and lanes of The Gothic Quarter and the number of things to do and see throughout the city. If you’re planning on visiting then be sure to check out my guide of the Top Things to do in Barcelona for ideas.

The Algarve 


The Algarve has been the location of many, many trips for me both as a child and as an adult. I’ve partied in Lagos with friends (and am returning there next year too!), surprised my boyfriend Thomas with a trip to Albufeira, been golfing in and around Vilamoura, and lots more.

The variety of things to do and places to go in The Algarve attracts me almost as much as the sunshine and warm temperatures. The Algarve also happens to be home to one of my very favourite restaurants in the world and some seriously gorgeous beaches. What more do you need in a holiday destination?


I have a lot of love for this sun-drenched island in the Mediterranean with some of the best beaches I’ve ever seen.

I’ve probably been to Cyprus close to 15 times after first visiting as a child. It’s an island that has party towns, cute little villages, fascinating history, ancient ruins, miles and miles of amazing coastline and beautiful, shimmering turquoise waters that you just want to dive into immediately.

I haven’t been to Cyprus for probably around 7 years now and writing this article has got me thinking it might be time to return soon.

Brb, off to search for cheap flights to Larnaca.

The Canary Islands


The Canary Islands are *the* place to go from The UK if you’re looking for a little winter sunshine and I’ve been here on family holidays, on several cruises and on trips with friends for that very reason.

I love how different each of the islands are – there’s the volcanic otherworldly-ness of Lanzarote, the lush forests of La Palma, the beautiful beaches of Tenerife and much more. It’s such a cliche, but there really is something for everyone in this little group of islands and that’s definitely part of their charm.

Italy 2016

I feel incredibly lucky to be able to say I’ve been to Venice more times than I can remember. It’s a city that I’m always excited about visiting and every time I’m there I find new things, new places, new views, new bridges, and for that reason I think it’s always memorable.

Venice is a city that charms and delights me every single time. I adore exploring the city by night when all the day-trip tourists have gone home and I love the sheer amount of history that is all around. The gorgeous crumbling buildings and pretty canals are the perfect place to get lost.

What are your most visited destinations?