It’s a place that makes me feel dozens of different things at times. It can make me feel cosy – like I want to grab a book and curl up by the open fire in autumn and winter. In spring and summer when the sun is shining and the wind is blowing gently through the trees it makes me feel peaceful, yet inspired. But, above all, it’s somewhere I always look forward to going and can feel myself breathe a sigh of relief and happiness when I arrive.

Although it’s less than 2 hours drive from home, it feels a million miles away. When I’m there I switch off from work and the normalcies of everyday life. I go into ‘holiday mode’ and feel like I can really relax and let go.

archerfield estate
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When we’re there we’re only around a mile from the nearest beach and there’s a pretty walk through the woods to reach the sands. The sand is golden, the water blue and it’s always really quiet. It’s the perfect place for a stroll, with or without my pooch Ben. I love wandering along the sand with the wind whipping around, breathing in that fresh sea air.

dirleton beach

Within a few minutes drive of Archerfield Estate is the pretty seaside town of North Berwick, a place I really love. There are independent shops (the majority of which are dog friendly!), a couple of good restaurants and and watering holes and two stunning beaches either side of the harbour. On a sunny day it’s the ideal place to be.
north berwick scotland

Inside the estate, there’s Fletcher’s Cottage – aka the best spa I’ve ever been to and the place of dreams. When I walk through the front door of the spa I can feel my worries just slipping away. It’s so calm, peaceful and serene that I basically never want to leave.

There are also two golf courses, a walled garden, the clubhouse, a stunning 17th-century mansion house, luxury lodges and several other types of accommodation. It’s a sprawling estate with acres and acres of gorgeous countryside.

archerfield estate
archerfield estate
archerfield lodges

One of my absolute favourite things about going to Archerfield is that I always go with some of my favourite people. My parents are always there, my brother and his fiancee Michelle are almost always there and Thomas is there as long as he’s not away with his work. On some trips, I take my beloved dog Ben and on others some family friends join us.

Because I’m always there with people I love, it’s impossible not to associate this place with them. To associate it with the laughs we have and the time we share there. This makes it even more special to me.

It’s rare to find somewhere that feels so perfect. That’s why I cherish my trips to Archerfield with my favourite people. I look forward to them, just as much as I would a trip abroad to somewhere new.

This trip (nor any of my dozens of others!) to Archerfield wasn’t sponsored. I simply adore this place and wanted to share it.