This Wednesday (22nd) I turn 27. I feel old just typing that! Does 27 still count as mid-twenties, or have I entered my late-twenties? Please say no!

Anyway, as is tradition with Thomas and I, we’re heading away for my birthday. We much prefer spending cash on a trip away together than buying presents we don’t really need or want. Previous birthday trips for me have included Paris and Marbella, and for Thomas, Portugal.

This year we’re staying in Scotland. We moved into our new house in October and the garden needs a lot of work, so we’re sacrificing a trip abroad to be able to spend time and money on that. Being a homeowner is definitely not all fun and games!

Although we’re sacrificing going abroad, we’re definitely not sacrificing on anything else! Thomas surprised me by booking a trip to stay at Cameron House, a gorgeous 5-star hotel on the banks of Loch Lomond. It’s around 45 minutes from where we live, so it’s perfect for a short break.
birthday trip

Having been at Cameron House last year for the wedding of one of my best friends, I was blown away by the stunning location. The hotel looks right out over the tranquil waters of Loch Lomond and is so wonderfully peaceful and idyllic. It’s going to be the perfect place for a relaxing birthday treat!

We’re booked into the thermal spa and have made dinner reservations for one of the restaurants. The plan is to chill out, go for some walks, indulge in some spa time and just generally enjoy being together. Thomas only returns from a month working in South Africa two days before, so we’ll be pretty ecstatic to be back together again! I can’t wait! 
birthday tripI’m pretty sure Cameron House will be a fantastic spot to celebrate turning 27. Bring it on! 

Where’s the best place you’ve been for a birthday trip? Or do you prefer to stay at home? 

All images from Cameron House