Any long-time readers here (hiii!) will know I’m a big fan of Portugal and, in particular, it’s Algarve region.

Why Portugal is One of My Favourite Destinations

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I was there just a couple of weeks ago for a holiday with Thomas and we had the best time. We stayed in Vilamoura, a place we both know well.

If you’re wondering why we chose to go back to a place we both know so well, there are a couple of reasons. The first reason is that Thomas was already in Vilamoura, as he’d just been on a golfing holiday with the guys. The second was that we were trying to make the most of Thomas’ holidays from work. He could have come home from the golf holiday as planned and we could have travelled somewhere else together the next day. We considered that but couldn’t really get any flights to anywhere that tickled our fancy the next day from Glasgow Airport. So, Portugal it was!

And we had an amazing time. We stayed in a really cute apartment with two big balconies and access to a pool that was always empty. We literally had the pool and gardens all to ourselves every afternoon. Bliss!
algarve holiday
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We also hired a car for the duration of our trip. This was such a great thing as it gave us so much freedom and allowed us to explore some new and old places.

We visited Carvoeiro, a pretty little town that rises up into the cliffs. It was the perfect place for a wander and lunch with a sea view.

algarve holiday, carvoeiro portugal
algarve holiday

Faro was another place we visited and somewhere I was totally surprised by. The Old Town of Faro is absolutely adorable and so worth a visit to explore. 

Read more about how I was surprised by Faro here

algarve holiday, faro cathedral

We watched beautiful sunsets, wandered along sandy beaches and ate some fantastic food, washed down with lovely Portuguese wines.
algarve holiday, vale do lobo beach

algarve holiday
algarve holiday, vilamoura marina
algarve holiday
algarve holiday
algarve holiday, vilamoura marina
The best part of the trip was getting to spend time with Thomas. Since the beginning of July he’s been incredibly busy travelling with work. His work as an engineer sends him all over the world and he’s barely been at home for more than a few days in the last few months (we arrived home from Portugal and he left for another work trip less than 9 hours later!). 

Being in Portugal together was perfect. We got to relax together, have fun, go for walks, eat out and do all of the things we like to do together. All in all, it was a pretty perfect and blissful week away together. Roll on the next one! 
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