When it comes to this time of year I’ve usually already started thinking about what 2018 will hold. I like to plan ahead and be organised, especially when it comes to travel. I love nothing more than planning for future trips and looking forward to where I’m going next.

If you’ve started thinking about your travels for next year and are looking for some inspiration, you’ve come to the right place! Here are the places that are top of my 2018 travel wishlist…


2018 travel
We were so close to booking flights for a trip to Amsterdam next month to take in the Christmas Markets. I was so excited about returning to a city I really like and want to explore more of. Thomas and I had planned to go with two of our friends, but just as we were about to book the trip we found out Thomas was unable to go. He was due to be away with work when we were planning to travel.

I’d love to visit Amsterdam in 2018 to make up for the disappointment of not being able to go this year. I was so ready to get into the festive spirit at the Christmas Markets and see more of the city.

Ski trip! 

2018 travel
Okay, this one isn’t just on my 2018 travel wishlist, it’s actually already booked!

When having drinks with Thomas, his sister and her partner last weekend we decided on a whim to book a ski trip for next year. I am so excited!

It’ll be my first ever ski trip after having my first ski lesson earlier this year. It’ll be my first time on real ski slopes too – I’ve only skied on an indoor ski slope with real snow. I can’t wait to experience the real deal.

We’re heading to a small resort in Bulgaria called Pamporovo that’s perfectly suited for beginner and intermediate skiers. I am definitely a beginner skier, so it should be perfect for me. Thomas’ sister and her partner are really great company, so I know even if I don’t fall in love with skiing I’ll still have an amazing time.

The Algarve, Portugal 

2018 travel
I simply adore Portugal’s Algarve region and feel like I could manage to sandwich in a little trip there next year at some point!

The Algarve is a region I know very well having visited many times. I love the sunshine, the gorgeous coastline, the abundance of things to do and see and the laid-back atmosphere that exudes. It’s an ideal place for a short sunshine break and is only a few hours by flight from Scotland. Perfect!

Gleneagles, Scotland

I’ve been promising Thomas that I’ll treat him to a stay at one of my absolute favourite hotels in the world for ages now. Gleneagles is somewhere I never tire of returning to, but with Thomas’ unpredictable work schedule and other plans we haven’t made it there just yet. I’m determined that 2018 will be the year I finally take him there.

Perhaps he can play a round of golf whilst I lounge in the spa? That sounds ideal to me!

The Maldives 

2018 travel
Any sharp-eyed readers will have noticed that The Maldives make it onto my travel wishlist every single year. Yes, I still haven’t made it there…yet.

The Maldives totally looks like paradise and I keep reading more and more about how it has more to offer than just beautiful beaches. I’d love to visit and find out for myself.

Archerfield, Scotland

2018 travels
Archerfield is another inclusion on the list that’s actually already organised and booked!

I’ve visited Archerfield three times a year for the last few years with Thomas, my parents, my brother Iain and his girlfriend Michelle. Next year, we’ve decided to visit 5 times instead of three and I can’t wait. Everytime we visit Archerfield we have an absolutely fantastic time, so it’s exciting to be going more often next year.

Archerfield is an estate located just outside of the pretty seaside town of North Berwick, on Scotland’s east coast. The estate has golf courses, a clubhouse, a stunning mansion house, luxury lodges and one of the best spas I’ve ever visited. Although it’s just a couple of hours from home it always feels a million miles away from everyday life and our time there is so relaxing (especially when we ensconce ourselves in the spa for hours!).

And that’s everywhere that’s on made it onto my travel wishlist for 2018, so far! Although I like to be organised, I also like to leave room for things to change, plans to pop up and new trips to be planned. If I plan things out too rigidly I’m always thrown off when they change. 

Have you started to plan your 2018 travels yet? Where are you off to?