What’s been happening in May?

A long weekend away at my favourite place was the highlight of May. I headed through to Archerfield, just outside of the pretty seaside town of North Berwick on the east coast for 4 lovely days with my family. We enjoyed some sunshine, al fresco dining and drinks, a trip to Edinburgh for shopping and lunch at The Ivy, dinner in the new Tom Kitchin restaurant in Gullane and plenty of relaxation. Bliss!

Unfortunately, poor Thomas wasn’t able to join us this time as he was away working, but hopefully he’ll make at least 1 of the 3 other trips we have planned to Archerfield for later in the year!

Archerfield also happens to be the place where Thomas and I are getting married next year. My mum, sister-in-law and I had fun visiting the mansion house where the big day will be held and discussing plans with the events manager.

We also celebrated Thomas’ birthday in the middle of the month and were thankful he was home to do it (he left on a 3-week work trip the next day). I took him (and puppy Poppy!) out to The Finnieston bar and restaurant for a seafood lunch and lots of lovely wine. Poppy got so much attention and behaved like an absolute dream, especially considering she was only 18 weeks old at the time! We’ve vowed to take her to restaurants, bars and lots of other busy places as much as possible to get her used to them and mean we’re able to do this a lot in future. I’d much rather take her out with us than leave her home alone!

Other than that, this month has seen several BBQs with new and old friends, lots of puppy playdates (Poppy seems to have more friends than me and is making more pals by the day!) and a lot of work in the garden to get it looking sharp for summer. Phew!

Books I read in May…

I came to a big of a realisation last month that if I want to reach my target of reading 70 books in 2019 then I’m going to need to seriously up my game! I’ll be talking (writing) more about this in an upcoming post and sharing why I’ve not been reading as much and how fast I need to race through books to reach my target by the end of the year.

The Shape of Lies by Rachel Abbot was recommended to me by my mum and it didn’t disappoint. Anna has a secret in her past as her ex-boyfriend died but now seems to have come back to life and is preying on her. It’s a suspenseful novel which kept me turning the pages to find out what was going on.

Next, I read Dirty Little Secrets by Jo Spain. When a woman’s body is found in her house inside a gated community after lying undiscovered for 3 months, police begin to dig around. They quickly find reasons for all of her neighbours to have potentially wanted to be rid of her, but who is the real culprit. An intriguing read.

Then, I moved on to Her Last Breath by Charlie Gallagher. It begins with a serial killer who is terminally ill and sentenced to life behind bars offering to tell the police where two of his victims are buried in return for dying in a secure place by the seaside. It’s twisty, turny and very intriguing.

New posts in May…

I’m in a bit of a blogging funk. I only published one new post in May and only have a couple of posts planned in for June (so far).

I have to admit that I’m not quite sure what’s causing my slump in writing here. I’ve been writing on this blog for more than 8 years without ever really taking a break. Sure, I’ve missed a post here and there, but I’ve been consistently blogging for over 8 years. That’s longer than anything else I’ve done in my life! So, I think I can cut myself some slack for falling into a slump and missing a few posts here are there.

My only post in May was My New Favourite Netflix Show. Perfect if you’re looking for something travel-related to binge watch.

What’s happening in June?

Things in my diary for June so far include a (double!) wedding, a (very belated) birthday lunch with one of my closest friends, a wine tasting event and hosting a puppy playdate for some of the dogs in the neighbourhood. Playtime for the pups and wine time for puppy-parents…perfect!

I’m also heading to France at the beginning of July and will be taking a couple of weeks off work, so much of June will be spent prepping and planning ahead for this. As a freelancer, I have to make sure everything is completed and scheduled for my clients when I’m on holiday before I finish up. It makes for a super busy time before going on holiday, but makes the time off feel all the more worth it in the end!

And that’s it for another month! As always, thank you for taking the time to check in to my blog and read about all my adventures and musings. If you’re not already then please follow along on Twitter and Facebook to stay even more up to date.  

Emma x