What happened in February?

February was the month that can only be defined by the fact I had to say goodbye to my beloved little dog, Ben. My poor baby had a seizure in January which led to the vet discovering several tumours, including one in his mouth that was too big to be removed.

I knew my boy was in pain and I couldn’t stand him suffering so we said a tearful and painful goodbye to him on the 8th February after more than 12 amazing years together.

He was the best dog ever and my constant companion as I work from home. Life isn’t the same without him and adjusting to not having him beside me 24/7 is horrible.

Other than the loss of Ben (though everything else pales in significance), we finally had dinner with our families to celebrate our engagement and I jetted off to Amsterdam for my future sister-in-law’s hen weekend.

I headed to Amsterdam a day later than the other girls because of what happened with Ben and, to be perfectly honest, I was so not in the mood to be going. I sat at the airport feeling pretty miserable and wishing I had just stayed at home.

But, of course I had an amazing time when I got there. I haven’t laughed so much in years! It was exactly what I needed to take my mind off Ben for a couple of days.

Books I read in February…

I read far fewer books than I’d have liked in February. I only managed to read three books, meaning I’m a bit behind so far if I want to reach my target of 70 books in 2019.

First up, I tore through Blood for Blood by Victoria Selman and really enjoyed it. It follows an ex-special forces profiler as she joins a task force in the hunt for a serial killer. The serial killer then becomes obsessed with her and begins targeting her directly. Will she catch him before he gets to her? A definite page-turner.

Then I moved onto Truth and Lies by Caroline Mitchell. Amy Winter is a respected detective who receives a letter from one half of a serial killer couple claiming that Amy is her daughter. She then wants to use Amy to reveal the bodies of where some of their unfound victims lie. Gruesome but good.

My third and final book for February was The Distant Echo by Val McDermid. This was my favourite read of the month – intriguing, exciting and puzzling. The characters in the novel were great and I always love a book set in my home country of Scotland.

New posts in February…

It’s been a bit of a slow month for new blog posts given everything that’s happened.

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What’s happening in March?

March is set to be an extremely busy and exciting month – my brother and his fiancée get married at the end of March!

The month started off with my future sister-in-law’s home hen night on Saturday which was great fun.

Coming up we’ve got dress fittings (I’m a bridesmaid), hair trials and my mum and I are making 150 wedding favours for them too. Wish us luck!

March 22nd is also my birthday and it falls nicely on a Friday this year. I’m taking the day off work and turning it into a long weekend. We’re going for a meal with my family on Saturday night and how much else I do will very much depend how long it takes my mum and I to make 150 bags of tablet for the wedding the following weekend.

Then, 30th March is the day of the wedding. It’s in a local church and then onto a gorgeous hotel where we’ll be staying over for the evening. I cant wait!

And that’s it for another month! As always, thank you for taking the time to check in to my blog and read about all my adventures and musings. If you’re not already then please follow along on Twitter and Facebook to stay even more up to date.  

Emma x