What happened in April? 

Phew. April has been a bit of a hectic month, despite not having many major plans before the month started.

At the beginning of the month, Thomas was away in America to see The Masters golf tournament for a week. That meant I had a week to really get stuck into work and some new client projects. I also went with my brother’s fiancee Michelle while she tried on wedding dresses and she even said yes to the dress! How exciting!

Four days after Thomas came home we headed for a long weekend away with my family at Archerfield. Archerfield is one of my absolute favourite places to go in Scotland and it was a fabulous weekend, as ever. There were walks on the beach, some delicious meals, plenty of relaxation time, al fresco drinks and some quality time with some of the people I most enjoy being around.
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We also hosted three BBQs with family and friends to make the most of the amazing weather. We helped our friends landscape their garden, I was treated to a late birthday lunch with one of my best friends and had Thomas’ parents come to stay with us for a few nights too.

The other major thing that happened was my dog Ben became really ill. He had pancreatitis and I was so worried about him. Luckily, after a little over a week, he’s much better and getting slowly back to his usual self. It was a tough week and I had to spend a few nights on the couch getting up through the night with him when he was ill. I’m so grateful he’s better now!

Books I read in April… 

Close to Home by Cara Hunter was the first book I read in April and it was probably my favourite read of the month. 8-year-old Daisy goes missing during a party and as the police search for her, they uncover many layers to the entire family. Very intriguing.

Next up was The Girl You Left Behind by Jojo Moyes, a book I borrowed from Thomas’ sister after she raved about it. It’s set both in France in wartime and in England in the present day. A gorgeous painting from before the war becomes the subject of a court case in the present day and the story behind the painting is revealed.

Then I moved onto The Good Samaritan by John Marrs, which was my least favourite read of the month. I found it a little bit repetitive and slow in the first half of the novel, then it moved on quite quickly towards the end. A little bit disjointed.

Lastly, I read Checking Out by Nick Spalding, a novel about a man finding out he has a terminal brain tumour. It’s about his reaction, his feelings and what he does after that. It’s a humorous look at living and dying.

Blogs I read in April… 

I really enjoyed this post on the importance of sleep as travel bloggers from Twins That Travel. Until a few years ago I hadn’t really realised how crucial sleep was. Recently, I’ve realised it’s so, so important and I am at my best both mentally and physically when I’ve had seven and a half hours or more. This post totally nailed it.

This post pondering whether people read as much as they used to and what it means really resonated with me. I’ve always been an avid reader and am even aiming to read 60 books this year alone. I feel so many benefits when I read more and would love it if more people did the same.

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What’s happening in May?

I don’t have too many fixed plans for May just yet. I was supposed to be doing a week trip driving the North Coast 500 in Scotland, but unfortunately the plans have fallen through. It’s such a shame as I was so looking forward to it. I’ll hopefully be doing it later in the year instead though. Fingers crossed!

I’ve got quite a few big work projects going on in May and I’m starting work with a brand new client. A quieter month will mean I’ve got plenty time to get ahead with work which is ideal.

It’s also Thomas’ birthday in the middle of the month. I haven’t planned anything for that just yet, as we’re waiting to see whether he’ll be home for his birthday or away with work. Once I find out I’ll try and plan something special in for him.

And that’s it for another month! As always, thank you for taking the time to check in to my blog and read about all my adventures and musings. If you’re not already then please follow along on Twitter and Facebook to stay even more up to date.  

Emma x