Last week something rather special happened. Thomas and I welcomed a new little member of our family. This is Poppy, a 10-week old Miniature Schnauzer pup.

miniature schnauzer puppy

Those of you who are regular readers here might remember that I had to say goodbye to my beloved dog Ben last month. He had a wonderful life for over 12 years but unfortunately had tumours in his mouth and liver causing him pain.

It broke my heart to have to say goodbye to him as he was my best friend and constant companion for over 12 years.

Let me tell you when you work from home, there’s nothing better than a dog there beside you to keep you company and force you to get out and about for walkies several times a day.

When we lost Ben, Thomas and I initially agreed that we’d wait until November to get another pup as we’re away a lot until then and it made more sense to wait.

Fast forward 4 weeks and I was having lunch with the amazing lady Ruth who used to look after Ben when we were on holiday. She convinced me to start looking for a pup straight away and 24 hours later I was in touch with the lady who bred Poppy.

A few days and a 415-mile 7-and-a-half-hour journey later we arrived in Essex to pick up our girl.

miniature schnauzer puppy

I loved her from the moment I laid eyes on her and it’s been the best decision ever not to wait until November to get a pup.

Since we got her one week ago she’s settled in amazingly well. She’s already almost completely toilet trained, with only 2 accidents in the house in the last week!

She’s also had her second vaccinations (the first were done when she was with the breeder) and will be able to start going out for walkies from 2nd April. I can’t wait to get her out for her first walk and have her meet lots of other dogs too.

Her current favourite things are cuddles, toys (the noisier the better!), running around the garden at lightning speed and just generally being adorable.

miniature schnauzer puppy

We didn’t get Poppy to replace Ben in any way at all. We simply just realised that life without a dog isn’t as much fun and we love having a furry friend with us.

I even cancelled my trip to Portugal next month so that I’m home and able to fully commit to her training and getting her settled in. I thought I’d be gutted at having to cancel Portugal, but actually I know how worth it the sacrifice is in the long run.

Poppy is the perfect little puppy and I’m looking forward to lots of happy years and many, many adventures to come.