This week my beloved dog Ben has been ill. Like, really ill.

He had no energy, was sleeping all the time, being sick and had really bad diarrhoea. We rushed him to the vet and were told they’d have to keep him in. They wanted to run tests and put him on a drip to get fluids into him as quickly as possible.

As we closed the door of the vets I burst into tears walking back to the car without my boy.

It turns out he had pancreatitis. A really bad case of pancreatitis. I didn’t realise this, but there are three breeds of dogs who are susceptible to pancreatitis and his is one of them.

After some great care from the amazing vet and plenty of medication (including painkillers that the vet said was essentially methadone and made his toungue loll out of his mouth!), he’s finally feeling better. As I type this he’s sitting right next to me on the couch fast asleep helping his little body recover and getting back to his normal bouncy self.
miniature schnauzer pancreatitis

Ben’s Story

After wanting a dog for my entire life my parents finally relented when I was 16 and I got a tiny fluffy Miniature Schnauzer for Christmas. It was love at first sight. I absolutely adored my baby boy and still do. 
miniature schnauzer pancreatitis

My parents were seriously strict with me when it came to Ben. As he was my dog, I was the one in charge of everything to do with him. I toilet trained him, puppy trained him, walked him, fed him and did everything for him. This meant that Ben and I formed the strongest bond and quickly became inseparable.

When I met Thomas 5 years ago I was over the moon when he and Ben became obsessed with each other too. Imagine if I’d met Thomas and he didn’t like dogs? I don’t think we’d be together now if that was the case!

When I moved out of my parent’s house, Ben came with me. There was never any question that he wouldn’t. He’s my boy and as much as he loves my parents – especially my dad – he was always going to be with me.

I run this blog and my freelance business from home, so every day when I’m in my home office little Ben is right there beside me. When Thomas goes away with work for a month at a time, Ben is always right there with me saving me from being lonely.

We go on walks three or four times a day, he’s the best to cuddle up to on the couch, he loves coming on adventures throughout the UK with me and he makes me smile and laugh every single day. He’s 11 and a half now and I’m still frequently asked by people if he’s still just a pup as he acts daft all the time and is so full of energy.

He’s so much more than ‘just a dog’ to me. If you’ve never had a dog before, it’s difficult to understand how close a person can be with their dog. Ben is part of my family and I always love being around him.

miniature schnauzer pancreatitis

When he was ill I was so upset and worried. I hated him being in pain and hated even more that I couldn’t take the pain away from him. The idea that he might not be okay was horrific.

Pets are said to provide humans not just with companionship, but they also help with ’emotional support, reduce our stress levels, sense of loneliness and help us to increase our social activities and add to self-esteem and positive emotional development.’ Source

The thought of Ben not being with me is terrible, and I’m so, so glad he’s okay now. I realise he’s not going to be around forever, but he’s a very healthy dog for 11 and a half and he’s definitely got plenty more years left.

Ben being unwell and then recovering has been a reminder that he won’t be around forever. I need to savour my time with him as much as possible. Instead of sometimes being distracted on our walks by answering emails on my phone or mindlessly scrolling Twitter, I’m resolving to be more present. When he brings me a toy whilst I’m working at my desk I’ll take a few moments out to play with him as it makes him so unbelievably happy. I’m so grateful to have him in my life and I’m going to enjoy him 100%.

It was also a reminder to have this mindset with the rest of the things in my life. I need to try and enjoy everything as much as I can and give everything I do 100%, rather than being distracted and not really present. A pertinent reminder.

For now, I’m off to wake Ben up from his nap and head out on a sunny walk (just a short one until he recovers fully) that I’m going to enjoy every minute of.