I booked a holiday with my two best friends with the intention of having a relaxing week in the sunshine and if you’re looking for somewhere to chill out and relax on the Portuguese coastline then I’ve found it!
Lagos, Portugal

Lagos is a town in the popular Algarve region of Portugal and attracts visitors from around the world. I had a fabulous week exploring the town and beaches of Lagos and here’s just some of the reasons why.

The Old Town

The oldest part of Lagos is contained within historical walls which were originally built to protect the city. We stayed just a two minute walk outside the walls and loved wandering through them into the old town to explore both during the day and at night.
Lagos, Portugal

There are adorable buildings covered in traditional Portuguese tiles which give the old town a quaint, charming feel. Coupled with the decorative tiles which carpet the majority of Lagos’ winding streets, it makes the town a very pretty place to spend some time.

The Nightlife

Going on holiday with my two best friends meant we were always going to be looking to sample some of Lagos’ nightlife, and we weren’t disappointed. If your idea of a good night involves small bars, good music, friendly people and cheap drinks then you’re in the right place. Lagos isn’t the type of town where you’ll find big clubs with banging DJ’s and strobe lighting. It’s more raw than that, and there aren’t really any massive clubs at all, not that I discovered anyway. That doesn’t mean Lagos isn’t the spot for a big night out though – you’ll find the bars packed, smatterings of live music, people dancing and drinking and generally having a great time.

The Beaches

Oh my gosh. The beaches here are INCREDIBLE! I’m not even the biggest fan of beaches, in-fact I actually find it hard to sit still on a beach for more than 10 minutes, but I absolutely adored the beaches of Lagos. There’s Meia Praia which is a large, uninterrupted stretch of beach that you’ll find in most holiday resorts in Western Europe. But there are also smaller, more interesting beaches to be found in Lagos. Simply walk away from Meia Praia and you’ll come across beautiful rocky beaches such as this one…

Beach Lagos, Portugal

I’d like to be back here right about now…

If you find a nice beach and notice some caves that lead somewhere then follow them, they might just lead to an even nicer (and quieter!) beach just around the corner!

The Food

We had SO many good meals during our week in Lagos. This little town is home to one of the world’s top burger joints in NahNahBah. This place is just too cool for it’s own good. It has a laid-back cantina style feel, a DJ spinning tunes at the weekend and some of the best burgers I’ve ever tasted. It also has a monstrous challenge on the menu – the El Kilo Burger. This bad boy is a KILO of burger meat, 10 strips of bacon and all the trimmings all contained within a 28cm bun. Eat the entire thing solo within an hour and you’ll get it for free.
NahNahBah, Lagos, Portugal

Needless to say neither I or my friends were up for the challenge. A guy sitting at our table was though…but he was defeated by the mighty burger. I’m also willing to bet he had some serious meat sweats later that night!

Other places we tried and loved were The Garden, a relaxed outdoor grill style restaurant (try the Moroccan Kefta); Don Toro, a steakhouse; The Green Room, a casual Mexican and International Cafe which was our favourite brunch spot in Lagos.

Value for Money

If you’re looking for a budget friendly destination then Lagos definitely fits the bill. The food is on the whole very cheap by Western European standards and eating and drinking out was always very reasonable for what we got. Drinking in bars is cheap (there’s happy hours on all over town) and if you’re on a strict budget then head to the supermarket and stock up on booze and food to eat in your accommodation.

With all this to offer, plus loads more, Lagos is the perfect spot for a relaxing summer holiday and I’d love to return!