I’ve just returned from the trip of a lifetime! I visited India’s Golden Triangle earlier this month with my mum, who has been desperate to travel to India ever since she was a little girl.

There are more details on our Indian itinerary here, but the short version is that we flew to Delhi, took a detour off the Golden Triangle to visit Shimla, then returned to Delhi, travelled to Agra and then onto Jaipur, before heading back to Delhi to complete the full triangle.

India is a crazy, confusing, chaotic and wonderful country. I loved my time there, but it’ll be a little while before I know exactly how to put it all down into words on this blog as it’s more than a little overwhelming and we saw so much in such a short space of time. So, for now, here’s a little taster of my India experience in pictures…

Plane Sunrise, India's Golden Triangle

I suck at sleeping on planes, so the 8 hour overnight flight to India was a drag. It was seriously brightened by this gorgeous sunrise at 38,000 feet though!

Delhi, India's Golden Triangle

After arriving into Delhi the first thing we did was head to our hotel by road. One of the main things I noticed (other than how busy and mental the roads are!) was how colourful the trucks and buses are. Most of them are decorated in bright colours and patterns. I totally think we should introduce this in the UK…

Delhi, India's Golden Triangle

Riding on a rickshaw through the chaotic streets of Old Delhi was definitely one of the strangest things I’ve ever done. The streets were packed with people, street sellers, shops, dogs and cows. Only in India!
Jama Masjid Mosque Delhi, India's Golden Triangle

We visited Jama Masjid Mosque, one of the largest mosques in India. There are almost 140 MILLION Muslims in India and shockingly this is only around 13% of the population! Statistics like this put the size and population of India into a little perspective for me.

We left Delhi behind and headed to Agra, home of this little beauty…

Taj Mahal, Agra, India's Golden Triangle

The Taj Mahal was everything I thought it would be, and more. It was bigger than I imagined it would be and seeing it at sunset and twilight was wonderful as the colours in the sky changed and reflected off the marble of the building.

Whilst in Agra we also visited the Agra Fort, which was founded in the 16th century. It was home to the Mogul Emperors and was a place of great opulence, beauty and a little scandal along the way.

Agra Fort, India's Golden Triangle

The third point on our geographical triangle was the historical city of Jaipur in Rajasthan, a region known as the ‘land of the kings’. Fittingly, our first visit was to the City Palace

Jaipur City Palace, India's Golden Triangle

Jaipur is known as the Pink City of India, although I kinda think they should change that to amber city, no?!

Palace of the Winds, Jaipur, India's Golden Triangle

This gorgeous piece of architecture is Hawa Mahal, or ‘ Palace of the winds‘ in Jaipur. It forms part of the City Palace and is actually little more than a facade. It was built in 1798 by one of the maharaja’s to allow his royal ladies and concubines to sit behind the screens and view everyday life outside without being seen.

It was a whirlwind few weeks in India, seeing all of these sights and many more. We visited 8 different UNESCO world heritage sights, 4 different cities and rode on 6 different modes of transport. It’s safe to say there’s plenty more posts about India still to come but, for now, I’m still trying to recover…!