In my opinion, working from home is one of the very best things about being a freelancer. I work for myself so I choose to work from my home office. Sure, there are times when I feel lonely, but the good outweighs the bad by far. I love my home office space and for the most part I genuinely enjoy working there.

I’m going to start sharing more about being a freelancer here on my blog, and this is just the beginning. So, if you work from home too (or aspire to work for yourself in the future!) stay tuned for my tips and advice on all things freelance.

If you’re wondering how to stay motivated when working from home, here are the 5 simple things that make the most difference to me…

1. An office that I adore

I absolutely adore my office. It’s bathed in light from two big windows and I have it filled with some of my favourite things. Not too many things though, because I don’t want any distractions.

I have a really comfy desk chair, some pretty prints from cities around the world, a massive canvas map of the world, a statement globe and some gorgeous scented candles. There’s nothing in the space I don’t like and that makes it a place I’m happy to work from.

Whilst I know not everyone can dedicate an entire room of their house to an office, it doesn’t mean you can’t carve out a work space you love. Get yourself a good desk, a comfy chair and decorate the space to make it somewhere you like spending time and will be at your best.

2. Daylight

I’m not sure about you, but I know I work best on bright days with the sun streaming in. My mood is always lifted and I feel less sluggish and much more productive. I deliberately picked my office because of the fact the sun shines right in the room for the majority of the day as I knew this would be best for my productivity levels.

If you’re able to, pick out the sunniest, brightest spot in your home to work. I bet you’ll get more done with the help of natural light.

3. No distractions 

how to stay motivated when working from home

Sleeping Ben in his chair

A great thing about having a dedicated room for my office is that there are no distractions. It’s just an office. It has a desk, a comfy chair, a cosy tub chair (for my dog to sit on!), a unit where the printer sits and my paperwork lives, some wall art and a heck of a lot of plants (more about them soon). It’s minimalist and that’s how I like it.

There’s nothing in my office that distracts me from work. Apart from scrolling through social media on the phone or browsing the internet on my laptop for non-work-related stuff, it’s pretty much all about work. That means I have little option but to knuckle down and get stuff done. After all, the sooner I’ve smashed my to-do list, the sooner I’m finished for the day.

And after I’ve finished everything I leave my office behind, and leave all thoughts of work there too. Most of the time, anyway. This is sometimes easier said than done when you work for yourself!

 4. To-do lists

Without to-do lists I’d forget everything. They’re a lifesaver for me. I try to write out my to-do list for the next day the evening before so that when I sit down at my desk in the morning I know exactly what I’ve got to do. 

Once I’ve completed tasks on my to-do list I highlight them with a snazzy pink highlighter. The more pink on my page, the closer I am to finishing off all the tasks on my list. 

5. Plants galore! 

how to stay motivated when working from home
Did you know having plants in your workspace increases happiness and productivity? Yup, it’s true and I absolutely believe it. At the moment I have two large plants and 3 smaller ones in my office and I love how they cheer up the space so much.

Do you have any tips on how to stay motivated when working from home? Let me know in the comments below…