Packing light is kind of like the holy grail. Everyone wants to be able to achieve it, but actually doing it can seem impossible. You want to fit everything into a carry on but just can’t figure out how.

I’d far rather carry a smaller bag when I travel as it just makes things so much easier. No dragging a big suitcase up and down stairs, no struggle to get your case in the overhead locker on a flight. Perfect.

Over the years as I’ve travelled I’ve become better and better at packing light. Each trip I go on I feel like I come up with another little space-saving tip or trick.

Here are my top tips on how to pack light:

1. Double duty products 

Investing in some products that can do two jobs (or three!) saves so much space in your suitcase. Pick up a lip stain that also works as a cheek stain, get shampoo that also has conditioner in it and anything else that does more than one job. Your toiletries bag will thank you for it.

2. Miniatures 

I never, never, never understand why people travel with full-size products then complain they don’t have enough space in their suitcase. Unless you’re travelling for a month you don’t need a full size shampoo or shower gel. Ditch the huge body lotions and giant conditioner bottles.

Buy re-usable miniature bottles and fill them up from your large at-home products before a trip. That way you don’t have to fork out crazy prices for actual miniature versions of everything and can just decant them instead.


I also have a little perfume atomiser that I swear by. It holds something like 50 sprays of perfume in its tiny bottle and is perfect for travel.

3. Multi-purpose clothes

Ensure you’re packing items you’ll be able to wear more than once. Pack skirts, dresses, shorts, jeans and trousers that can be worn both day and night. Pack swimming gear that you can wear every day (no, you don’t need 7 bikinis for a one week trip). Pack jewellery that goes with everything. You get the drill.

4. Leave the accessories at home 

Whilst it’s always nice to have different jewellery to match each of your outfits, it’s also a major waste of space in your luggage. Try to pack simple, elegant jewellery that will match all of your outfits and save precious space.

You also don’t need a different handbag for each outfit. Pick one in a neutral shade (one for day and one for night if you must!) that will go with everything and rock it for the entire trip. Same goes for shoes. Less is more!

Do you have any great tips to share on how to pack light?