What’s your favourite thing to do on a relaxing holiday? I know one of mine is lying by the pool or beach reading a really good book. I also love reading on the plane or any other form of transport, and sometimes before bed (if I haven’t had one too many cocktails by then!). Reading has always been one of my favourite ways to relax.

So, I wasn’t surprised to find out that reading is ranked as Brits’ third favourite holiday pastime according to new research by Opodo. What’s better than getting lost in a great book whilst you’re on holiday? 
holiday reading

What I was surprised to find out was that most people prefer a paperback or hardback book than a kindle or other electronic reading device. Out of more than 3,000 people, Opodo found 78% of Brits prefer reading paperbacks on holiday over any other reading material. Really?!

I find that books, especially at the rate I go through them, are a little cumbersome to pack. They make your bag heavy and I never know what to do with them when I’m finished.

But I do appreciate that feeling that only comes with flicking the pages of a real book. You just don’t get the same feeling with a kindle. I also like the feeling of accomplishment that comes with ploughing your way through a particularly large tome.

Seeing the little percentage amount creep up isn’t quite the same as turning page after page and feeling the change in your hands. It doesn’t feel like quite so much of an accomplishment when it’s digital. 
holiday reading

As much as I love that feeling, I still believe my kindle is much more travel-friendly than a bunch of real books. I can carry as many books around with me as I want without worrying about how much they weigh. When I finish one I can quickly download another and I can browse through millions of different titles. Bliss for a bookworm like me! 

Do you read more than normal when you’re on holiday? 

This post was created in partnership with Opodo. All opinions are, as always, my own. 

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