Today (20th March) marks the official beginning of spring in the northern hemisphere. Woohoo!

Spring can be a really fantastic time to travel, as places as beginning to warm up after winter, plants, flowers and trees start to bloom and look pretty again and prices are much cheaper than in summer.

Here are 5 great places to visit in spring if you’re looking for some inspiration…

1. The Netherlands

great places to visit in spring
I’ve already dedicated an entire article to the beauty of the flower fields of The Netherlands. The absolute best time to visit the flower fields is in early spring and it’s definitely not something you want to miss.

For even more springtime flower goodness, don’t miss a visit to Keukenhof Gardens. These are located just outside Amsterdam and contain an incredible 7 million flowers that bloom in spring. This year the gardens are open from 23rd March to 21st May.

2. The Canary Islands

great places to visit in spring
In search of a little spring sunshine? I don’t blame you! The Canary Islands are a great place to head if you’re looking for some sunshine and warmth.

This group of islands are located off the coast of northwestern Africa. This means they enjoy a fantastic climate, with warm temperatures in springtime.

There are seven Canary Islands, each one offering something different to visitors. This means this group of islands caters to all different tastes and interests. Whether you like hiking in nature, relaxing on beaches, or making your way around different bars and restaurants, the Canary Islands definitely have it all.

3. Marbella, Spain 

great places to visit in spring
I visited the Spanish town of Marbella last spring and absolutely loved it. It had so much more to offer than I had previously imagined and it’s definitely somewhere I’d return to again.

I think visiting in spring was the perfect time, as the weather was good and nowhere was too busy. I’ve heard in summer Marbella is mobbed with beach parties, pool parties and revellers, so visiting in spring when it was quieter was ideal.

4. Lisbon, Portugal 

great places to visit in spring
Lisbon is definitely one of my favourite European cities and spring, especially late spring, is a perfect time to visit. The weather heats up, but isn’t as hot as in the height of summer and this makes it ideal for exploring this hilly city on foot.

Lisbon is also an incredibly pretty city with gorgeous views and spring is a great time to enjoy those views on one of the many rooftop bars or restaurants that are dotted around.

Lisbon is an incredibly inexpensive city to visit, meaning you have the opportunity to splurge on a fancy hotel or really superb meals without breaking the bank. Suits me!

5. The South of France 

great places to visit in spring
Visiting The South of France in spring is perfection. The weather is great, especially towards the end of spring, and it’s less crowded than in summer when everyone seems to descent upon this stretch of coastline.

Getting around the South of France couldn’t be easier by train, making it easy to visit loads of great towns and resorts even on a short trip. In spring the beaches are quieter, bars and restaurants and less busy and hotel prices are cheaper. Perfect!

What great places to visit in spring should I add to my list?