Guys, I did something rather exciting last week. I booked to go back to India next year!

I first travelled to India 5 years ago on a trip with my mum. She’d been obsessed with the idea of visiting India for forever but my dad was reluctant. She decided (in her typical headstrong manner) that she wasn’t waiting for him to join her and invited me instead. I gladly accepted.

We spent a whirlwind three weeks in the north of the country, visiting all the spots on the so-called Golden Triangle and more. I saw some of the most incredible architecture imaginable and saw more than I thought would be possible. I tasted some of the best food of my life and was totally intrigued by the culture.
going to india

India is a vibrant, colourful, overwhelming, chaotic, bustling, noisy, inspiring, confusing and delightful place. There are parts of India that amazed me beyond belief and that I simply adored – the architecture, food, stunning landscapes and friendly people. But, there were other parts of India I didn’t enjoy at all – the sheer chaos and unspeakable poverty. This overall feeling about India is something I struggle to put into words.

I have conflicting thoughts about India, something that I’ve never really had with a place before. Usually it’s pretty black or white for me – love or hate. When I returned from India I knew it wasn’t somewhere I wanted to immediately rush back to, but I also knew I’d want to revisit at some stage. Now, five years later, I find myself yearning to return.
going to india

I find myself wanting to see more, discover more and explore more. I want to see whether my feelings will change this time around. Will I have a different experience returning at the age of 29 than my first visit at 23? Or will I feel conflicted and confused again, hurtling from loving India to loathing it and back again within mere hours? I have no idea but I can’t wait to find out. 

This time I’m travelling with my mum, my dad (who has been convinced he wants to visit now!) and my partner Thomas. It’ll be my dad and Thomas’ first time in the country and I’m so interested to see how they view it. Thomas has been wanting to visit India for years, so I can’t wait to see if it lives up to his expectations or not. 

We’re visiting for 2 and a half weeks and going to Amritsar, Chandigarh, Shimla, Delhi, Agra, Jaipur and Varanasi. Some of these are places my mum and I visited on our first trip to India and others are new to us all. 

One of my favourite places in India was the town of Shimla in the foothills of the Himalayas. It was so much more peaceful than some of the other places we visited and I was transfixed by the outstanding views of the Himalayas at every turn. I can’t wait to be back there and set my eyes on those views once again.
the taj mahal india, going to india

I also can’t wait to see The Taj Mahal again. It really is every bit as good as you see in photographs, plus more. It’s an amazing sight to behold and one of my favourite memories from my last trip.

Our trip isn’t until October 2019, so I’ve still got ages to wait. By the time it comes I’ll be bursting with excitement!

Have you visited India before? Are you thinking of going to India? 

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