Christmas is approaching so quickly this year! It feels like it’s crept up on us all of a sudden and if you’re anything like me you won’t have done all your Christmas shopping yet. Wondering what to get your mum/dad/brother/sister/boyfriend/girlfriend/whoever? I’ve got some ideas for you.


give the gift of travel this christmas
I truly believe that travel is one of the best gifts you can give someone. Whether it’s as simple as booking a night away in a spa hotel with your mum, a weekend city break with your boyfriend, or gifting vouchers to put towards travel.

Experiences are always better than giving meaningless gifts that people don’t really want. Do you think your dad will be talking about that jumper you bought him in 5 years time? Nope. Do you think he’s more likely to be talking about the time you got him train tickets to a nearby city for a long weekend instead? Yup. Definitely.

Travel is experiential and creates memories that will last a lifetime. It gets people out of their routine and doing new things.

“The person who has lived the most is not the one with the most years, but the one with the richest life experiences.” — Jean Jacques Rousseau

It doesn’t have to be as dramatic and fancy as booking a huge trip away for whoever you’re gifting presents too this Christmas. (Hello, who could afford that?!). It can be as simple as gifting cash with the explicit wish that it goes towards a travel experience. Or giving vouchers towards an experience in a specific place you know the person is already travelling to. Or hotel vouchers for somewhere lovely. Anything!

Most of my absolute favourite life experiences and memories have happened whilst travelling. The things that I look back on and smile and feel happy about. Who wouldn’t want to gift that kind of feeling to someone they love?

So, before you dash out to the shops (or online. Hello convenience!) and fill your basket with loads of fancy gifts for people, consider whether a travel experience would mean more.

Have you given the gift of travel before? Would you consider it? 

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