I’d just like to start this post by saying I don’t suffer from anxiety per se, or at least not in the way the term anxiety is used today. In reality, I’m a pretty chilled out person who tends to take life as it comes.

BUT, there are a few things about being a self-employed freelancer that can make me feel anxious. Although some parts of freelancing are an absolute dream (making my own hours, taking days off when I want, fitting work around everything else in my life, being my own boss etc etc), there are some things about it that aren’t so fantastic.

And, if you don’t know, I’m a self-employed freelancer working in the digital marketing sphere. I specialise in social media content creation and management, plus writing for blogs, websites, emails and more. You can find out more about what I do by clicking here to visit my website.

So, without further ado, here are the things that make me anxious about being a freelancer…

Not having a steady pay check

freelancing and anxiety

Although I currently make a great and pretty comfortable living as a freelancer, there’s always a slight niggle at the back of my mind that says if I lost a couple of my big clients at once I’d be down a significant amount of money. That then makes me worry about not being able to pay my bills and have enough money to live on.

Of course, the chances of losing several large clients at once is (hopefully!) pretty slim, but that doesn’t stop me worrying about it at times. After all, I’ve got a mortgage and bills to pay, a puppy to provide for and lots of travel and other fun stuff to fund.

To combat this, I try to focus on the positives and not dwell on the fact the rug could be pulled out from underneath me at any time. I know I’m good at what I do and I know I provide a great service to all of my clients, so there’s no reason why I should lose all my clients at once.

Plus, in reality, if I did lose one (or several) of my large clients, I’m sure I’d quickly be able to find another to replace them. I have some lovely testimonials on my website from current and past clients that tell of the results working with me provides to tell potential clients about the benefits of my services.

Being responsible for EVERYTHING

freelancing and anxiety

As a freelancer, I’m responsible for every single aspect of my business and work. I complete every task myself and the buck stops with me. If I haven’t done something then it won’t be picked up and completed by someone else. If I forget something there’s nobody there to remind me to do it. If I’m running behind schedule there’s noone who can chip in and give me a hand to meet a deadline. I’m 100% responsible for everything.

Sure, I could hire a PA or admin assistant or something but, the truth is that I’m a bit of a control freak. I know I’d worry about giving someone else control of parts of my business in case things weren’t completed to my standards or tasks were overlooked.

A heavy workload

freelancing and anxiety

Having several different clients with different needs and expectations can sometimes be a bit of a juggling act. Each client has a tendency to think of themselves as your only client, even when they know fine well you’re not. This can lead to people expecting things to be completed immediately, without taking into consideration the fact you’ve got other client work to complete and other deadlines to meet.

It’s difficult when clients just assume you have time to carry out extra ‘urgent’ tasks when really you’ve got a full schedule already. This inevitably leads to me working extra hours in order to get everything done.

Thinking too much

freelancing and anxiety

Sometimes I also get myself worked up just thinking about how much work I have to do. For example, I just started work again yesterday after taking 10 days off for a trip to Portugal and I was super anxious about it beforehand. I spent too much of my 10 days off thinking about everything I had to do when I got back to my desk.

But actually, its the end of my first day back and I’ve got more than I thought completed. I’ve completed everything on my to-do list and more.

Clearly I was just making a mountain out of a molehill and building everything up to be more than it was. This is something I’m very guilty of when it comes to things I have to complete for work. I really need to work on not doing this in future and being more confident in my abilityto get everything done in a timely manner.

Are you a freelancer who feels some anxiety surrounding your work like me?