Autumn officially kicked off here last month and this is one of my favourite times of year for a city break. Not too cold like the middle of winter and not too hot like the sticky summer, but just right.

Although this autumn I won’t be doing any travelling because I’m busy moving house, I am still lusting after an autumn getaway pretty badly.

These are five of my favourite autumn city break destinations…


I’ve made no secret of my love for Berlin here on the blog and I think autumn is a really great time to visit. Berlin can get really cold in winter, so it’s ideal to visit when the leaves are turning red and orange and temperatures are brisk, but not so cold you’ll catch pneumonia while you’re sightseeing.

Berlin is also the type of place where you often get those crisp, clear, blue sky days in autumn that make exploring a new place that’s basked in cool sunshine pretty amazing.



Another city that I’ve not been shy about expressing my love for here on the blog is Venice and I’m a firm believer spring and autumn are the very best times to visit. Summer is WAY to crowded and hot and that makes it hard to truly enjoy your experience in this watery city. Autumn brings with it cooler days, fewer tourists (though there still loads) and cheaper hotel prices.

Less tourists also mean there are shorter queues for all the major Venetian attractions like the Doge’s Palace and St Marks Bell Tower. Let’s face it, nobody wants to waste time during their trip waiting in huge queues, so visiting when it’s quieter is perfect.


After the madness of August in Edinburgh, when it hosts the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, has died down and all the tourists have gone home is the very best time to visit the city. Hotel prices return to normal, the streets become quieter and the city goes back to quietly beguiling its visitors.

Plus, Edinburgh really is one of the most picturesque cities in the world and it looks even better when the leaves are turning and starting to fall. Dreamy.


Paris is an incredible city at any time of the year, but I have a particular fondness for the city in autumn. All of the green spaces in the city change colour and make the city even more beautiful and enchanting.

Like all of the other cities on this list, Paris is also quieter in autumn once the summer tourists have all gone home and that means less queues, less waiting, cheaper accommodation and all of that other good stuff. Perfect, perfect, Paris.


I’ve explored Amsterdam in autumn before and it was absolutely incredible. The streets were quiet, except for locals going about their daily business, the sun was shining making the canals sparkle and it was ideal sightseeing weather. Exactly what you want in a city where there’s as much to do as Amsterdam.

Are you planning an autumn city break? Where are you going?