Everyone is so busy these days. Busy with work, trying to keep on top of your inbox, socialising, home admin, life admin, trying to keep healthy, make sure you reply to all text, keep in touch with friends…the list goes on. And on. This means that fitting travel in can sometimes be a struggle.

Fitting in more than a cheap week at the beach can seem too difficult or complicated. With some clever and careful planning and simple changes, travel can be within anyone’s reach.

Here are my top tips for fitting travel into your life…

Make travel a priority 

Instead of moaning that you don’t have time to travel, make travel a priority. Budget for it, put money away for it, plan your time off for travel and just generally prioritise it. If travelling is really important to you – whether for a beach holiday, city break or extended trip – then you have to put that first.
fitting travel in

Put the money you usually splurge on ASOS and those weekend brunches straight into your travel fund. Sure, it might not seem fun to cut back in favour of saving for travel and you might get serious FOMO. But, trust me, you’ll thank me when you’re off travelling the world!

Use your time off wisely 

Unless you’re lucky enough to be self-employed (like myself!) you’re probably restricted with regards to how many days off work you can take per year. This means you have to be smart with the time off that you do have.

Take a bunch of your allocated days off together, so that you can fit in a short break or week long trip. Try to plan this in advance to ensure you’re able to get the time off approved and plan somewhere to go. Look at any bank holidays that you may already be off work and consider taking some of your annual leave around this. This means more time off for less days of annual leave. You can then keep those extra days for other trips. Perfect! 

During the time that you are off work, make the very most of it. Don’t waste days sitting on the couch bingeing on Netflix and then complain you haven’t been able to fit in a holiday or short break.

Take short trips

fitting travel in
Think a weekend isn’t enough time to take a trip in? Think again. A weekend can be plenty of time to take a trip in, if you’re organised.

Decide in advance where you want to go and be organised so you can leave as soon as possible after you finish work. I’m really big on organisation, so I love things being super well-planned and set out.

If you only have a weekend and can’t find any flights with good times, consider planning a road trip instead. If you have access to a car you can travel at times that suit you and you often don’t have to go too far to have a short aventure and new experiences.

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Don’t wait for other people 

Don’t wait for your friends, partner or family to be ready to take a trip with you. If you really want to travel and nobody can afford the case/take the time off/wants to go then don’t wait. Book yourself a solo trip and enjoy some travels by yourself.

Travelling solo can be one of the most rewarding and fulfilling things you’ll do. After a successful and fun trip you’ll feel more confident, more independent, and able to take on the world. It can add so much to your life and teach you things about yourself you might otherwise have known.

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