I’m a big fan of cruises having already been on 18 different cruise holidays in my life. If you’re a new reader  and you’d like to know more about my cruise adventures then visit Emma On Board.

Although I’ve been on a lot of cruises in different places, there are some cruises that I still have on my bucket list. Here are my dream cruise holidays…


I have ALWAYS wanted to do an Alaska cruise. I want to see gigantic glaciers in all their glory. I’m dying to to spot whales playing in the water. I want to see rugged mountains with snow covered peaks. Alaska is a gloriously untouched place where nature is all around and exploring it by sea is sure to be one of the best ways to do so.

I think Alaskan cruises sound absolutely magical and it’s definitely a cruise destination that’s high on my wish list.

Middle East

I visited Dubai for the first time in 2015 and absolutely loved it. Ever since then I’ve wanted to embark upon a cruise of the Middle East, to explore more of this region in a unique way. Sailing around the Arabian Gulf would be such a wonderful experience and a really great way to visit places like Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Muscat and Khasab. Oman is a country I’ve always wanted to visit and I think doing so as part of a cruise would be really fantastic.


Can you believe I’ve never been on a Caribbean cruise before? It’s ridiculous and I need to get on one asap!

I have always wanted to sail the stunningly clear waters of the Caribbean and who can blame me?! The destinations you can visit – like Jamaica, Antigua, Puerto Rico and Mexico – are places I would love to explore and getting a taste for them on a cruise holiday would be an ideal way to do so.


The Galapagos are renowned for being like nowhere else on earth. They have been mostly untouched by humans and this has made them a haven for wildlife and flora. There are over 1,900 unique species in the Galapagos and I would love to see and experience this for myself. It’s a once in a lifetime trip to experience a place that is unlike any other. I just know a visit to the Galapagos would live up to expectations and leave me with memories to last a lifetime.

What are your dream cruise holidays?