Where’s the strangest place you’ve ever eaten a meal? Have you munched down a bland sandwich while sitting on the floor of an airport waiting for your flight? Or eaten a greasy burger in your car during a day out?

Last week I had dinner in the back of a truck and it was definitely the weirdest place I’ve ever eaten a meal. But just how did I end up there?

Last week I was invited to be part of an event to mark the launch of Visit Scotland’s brand new marketing campaign. It’s all about bringing the spirit of Scotland to life and is using the rather cool hashtag #ScotSpirit.

I pretty much love this hashtag as I’m so fiercely proud of being Scottish and think it perfectly sums up the way Scottish people feel about our beautiful little country. I think it also captures the way many people feel about Scotland when they visit and fall in love with our landscapes, our cities and our friendly people.

I met a group of bloggers, journalists and other media in Glasgow’s city centre and we hopped into a couple of minibuses to head to Dumfries and Galloway. We hadn’t been told exactly where we were going or what we were doing and only knew a few snippets of what was going to happen.

After a long drive we were in Galloway Forest Park, going up a small, winding gravel road covered in potholes. Our minibus stopped and we emerged out to a spot overlooking an absolutely incredible view of the surrounding forest, a loch and gorgeous clear blue skies.

We were handed drinks and stretched our legs whilst admiring the views. Weeks of rain and wind in Scotland had meant most of us had forgotten what blue skies and sunshine looked like, but the weather couldn’t have been better.

Then, canapés appeared. And not just any canapés, these were delicious and served on white china dishes. I started to wonder how they had come out of the truck sitting over at the side of the path. Surely they had been pre-prepared and re-heated on site for us?

As the sun started to set, creating a gorgeous pink glow we were told to make our way inside the truck where we would be having dinner. What? Dinner in a truck? I was confused to say the least.

Walking up the steps I opened the door and found myself standing inside a restaurant. There were tables set up complete with white tablecloths, cutlery, wine glasses and a wood burning fire. I was delightfully shocked!
The food was prepared for us by the team from Monachyle Mohr Hotel in Balquhidder and we were told that everything we would eat that evening was sourced from within thirty minutes of our little pop-up restaurant, apart from the meat that came from their very own farm.

And what a meal it was! The delights included scotch broth soup with a generous splash of whisky that gave it a very interesting taste, smoked haddock with braised leek and sauce gribiche, Monachyle lamb with braised parsnip, clapshot and confit garlic and preserved brambles with Honeygar ice cream.
It truly was one of the best meals I’ve had in ages and I couldn’t believe it had all been prepared in what looked like little more than a burger van parked up next to our truck. I was blown away by the presentation, the service and the quality of the food. It was definitely a dinner to remember!

My trip was organised by Visit Scotland and all food was provided by the team from Monachyle Mohr. All opinions and ravings about my dinner in a truck are entirely my own!