I love colour, and I love finding colourful and exciting places around the world, so here’s a collection of my favourite photos featuring colours around the world…


Emma Gray, Edinburgh, Colours of the World

I really like this picture of me looking through a set of binoculars over the rooftops of Edinburgh. It was a beautiful winters day and the views from the rooftop were incredible.


Berlin U-Bahn, Colours of the World

I took this picture on my very first trip to Berlin, a place that I subsequently fell in love with. Berlin has a great, creative energy and gritty, fascinating history that I adore. Not to mention the nightlife is pretty fun! I liked the vibrant orange of these wall tiles in Yorkstrasse U-bahn station.


Australia Sunset, Colours of the World

I’m a sucker for a gorgeous sunset, and this one was quite the stunner. It was taken in Rockingham, on the west coast of Australia, from the loveliest balcony overlooking the water, that enjoyed the best sunsets almost every night. This one was particularly breathtaking and I love the reflection of the sunset in the water.


Great Belts Bridge Sunset, Colours of the World

This was one of my favourite sunsets of all time, taken whilst sailing towards, and then under, The Great Belt Bridge. It’s the third largest suspension bridge in the world and connects Denmark to Denmark. It’s a pretty awe-inspiring piece of engineering (I’m a little bit of a geek for that type of thing!) and sailing under it with the sky lit up like this was amazing.


Australia Sunset, Purple, Colours of the World

This was another gorgeous sunset taken from my balcony in Rockingham, Australia. My favourite colour is purple, so I absolutely loved seeing the sky painted in my favourite shade.


Loch Lomond, Scotland, Colours of the World

Loch Lomond is one of my favourite places in Scotland and it’s especially beautiful in the sunshine. The reflections of the fluffy white clouds in the still water are what makes this one of my favourite pictures.


Las Palmas, Colours of the World

I took this picture in the middle of a peaceful pine forest on the natural island of La Palma, one of the Spanish Canary Islands. Standing in the middle of this untouched forest with the smell of the pine trees filling my nostrils was a great way to spend a day on the island.


Duomo di Pisa, Pisa, Colours of the World

This is the stunning white marble facade of the duomo in Pisa. I felt that the duomo and the baptistry which sit next to the world famous leaning tower of Pisa were overlooked in favour of this iconic landmark. Whilst the leaning tower was fascinating, I actually preferred the gorgeous white buildings next to it.

What do you think of my colours from around the world? Which is your favourite?