Colourful Camden Markets

I know my last post ‘London, It’s Not You, It’s Me,‘ put across my feelings on the UK’s capital pretty clearly, but there are some parts of London that I do really like. The Camden Markets are definitely one of the aspects of London that I really enjoyed on my latest trip there.

Camden Markets are filled with an unbelievable range of different products. Cute girlie shops and stalls with pretty dresses, shoes and adorable trinkets (these were my favourites!); kitsch stalls offering quirky products like carved wooden phone covers; and some delicious food are just a few of the things you can find here.

Camden Lock Village

Camden Lock Village

There are several different markets which make up one massive market area in Camden. The markets are only completely open at weekends, although many shops and stalls are open 7 days a week. At the weekend it gets super crowded, but the whole place has a great atmosphere, and on a sunny day it’s great to sit outside and enjoy it.

The food stalls in Camden Lock Village are so varied and the smells that waft around the stalls are mouth-watering. Thai, Indian, Lebanese, Italian, French and Argentinian were just a few of the different cuisines I noticed- there’s so many different options to choose from! Next time I’m in London I’m definitely going back to sample something different…all in the name of research!

Camden Markets

Grab some food, sit here and chill….

My best friend and I opted for Thai food and sat by the banks of the canal chatting, chilling and enjoying the summer sunshine. There were loads of people doing the same thing and it had a really relaxing atmosphere that I loved. It’s busy and bustling, but even on a crowded day in August it didn’t feel overwhelming.

After we’d fuelled up on food we spent hours wandering round all the stalls and shops and drooling over cute things wishing we could buy everything. Girls if you’re looking for unique dresses, tops, jewellery etc then Camden is definitely the place to find them. The best part is, because they’re markets, the prices are really reasonable, and not many other people are likely to be wearing the same outfit!

Camden Markets

Patriotic and colourful Camden

Have you ever been to Camden’s markets before? What did you think?

3 Responses to Colourful Camden Markets

  1. Scarlett

    Gorgeous pics! I LOVE camden market (even though I’m not a fan of London as a whole either!) it’s a treasure trove of trinkets! xx

    • Emma

      Yeah London exhausts me, but I adore Camden Markets! Glad you agree :) xx

  2. Ana

    Camden is one of my favorite places in London. I especially like the food seems like the whole world has shrunk to the size of a neighborhood.

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