I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I LOVE packing! I love being organised in most aspects of my life, and packing is definitely one of them.

I’m busy exploring Barcelona at the moment so what have I taken to the Catalan capital with me?
holiday packing list
I’ve written a longer piece about what I pack for trips where I take luggage in the hold with me, but this time I decided on carry on hand luggage only to avoid those pesky Ryanair fees for hold baggage (Ryanair, I know, so glamorous) and needed to stick rigorously to the 10kg limit.

Luckily I’ve become quite the expert at packing light for carry on trips after recent escapes to Iceland and more with just my little suitcase.


I always take a light scarf with me everywhere I go. They take up the teeniest amount of room and can be used as a blanket on the plane, a shoulder cover when visiting religious sites, for keeping you warm on chilly evenings and even just for brightening up an otherwise drab outfit. Make sure you take a colour/tone/pattern that’ll work with everything else you’ve packed.


I have sensitive eyes so these are a must. Plus they’re pretty and everyone looks instantly more put-together after donning a cute pair of sunnies.


As a blogger and general 21st-century girl I can’t go far without my gadgets. I scaled it down on this trip and just took my iPhone, Kindle and, of course, my trusty world travel adaptor to keep them charged up at all times.

This travel adaptor is my favourite as it has two USB ports meaning I can charge both iPhone and kindle at the same time. Win!


Anyone who’s not been living under a rock will know by now that you can only take liquids under 100ml onto a flight in hand luggage and they all have to fit in a little clear plastic bag. I’m not exactly a high maintenance type of girl but I do have sensitive skin, so there are a few products that I just can’t travel without.

For a short trip like this, I decant the things I’ll only need a little of (facial moisturiser, cleanser, conditioner etc) into little mini pots (found in Primark for £1). I distinguish which is which by labelling them with a touch of nail polish and then I don’t need to worry about trying to use conditioner instead of moisturiser. Ewww!

Clutch Bag

I’m usually a big fan of cross body bags but Barcelona has such a reputation for pick-pockets (I’ve witnessed it happening before. Horrible.) that I knew I wouldn’t feel comfortable wearing one of my usual style bags. Instead, I opted for a mid-sized clutch bag that I knew I could wrap around my wrist and carry in my hand. No chance of anyone getting into it without me noticing.

And please don’t be put off Barcelona because of its reputation for pick-pockets, it’s actually a very safe city and as long as you’re sensible and keep your wits about you you’ll likely be absolutely fine. This is probably my tenth visit to the city and I’ve never had anything untoward happen to me.

Base Colours

I learned this little packing secret a while ago – pick a base tone or colour and structure the rest of your outfits around colour so that everything can be easily mixed and matched to create lots of different outfits. For this trip, I’ve gone with the monochrome look – black and white- because it’s easy to jazz it up with a pop of colour or a sparkly accessory.

I pack these main items and then add in all the boring stuff like socks, underwear and my clothes. I’d be a little lost without them…!

So these are my staple items for chic city break packing. What are yours? Anything I’ve forgotten that you can’t travel without?