Most of my regular readers will already know that Thomas popped the question and we got engaged at the beginning of December after being together for 5 and a half years.

Already, we’ve booked our wedding and all of the major parts that go with it. We kind of knew what we wanted, fell in love with a venue and just went ahead with it.

The whole planning process has been seriously stress-free so far. We had our venue booked within a month and we’ve decided on an intimate wedding, with just over 30 guests. That means we’re also having a party the following week with all of our friends and family to celebrate.

The florist is booked, hair and makeup are organised, our party venue is booked, a DJ has been sourced, we’ve chosen a humanist celebrant for our ceremony and the invitations just about done. So far, so straight forward.

The real dilemma, though, comes when we start talking about choosing where to go on honeymoon. It’s the thing I think is going to be most difficult to decide upon.

choosing where to go on honeymoon

Every time we begin a conversation about it we find ourselves flitting between so many ideas and not really getting anywhere.

“We could do a road trip in America”

“Or what about going to Canada?”

“China? Japan? The Far East?”

“We could go to South Africa and go on safari?”

“What about some kind of cruise?”

“What about somewhere in Europe? But I guess we’ve already been most places in Europe”

“How about the Maldives? It’s a honeymoon destination”

We’ve spent quite a bit of time going round and round in circles and really not deciding on anything at all.

We flit between places and get excited about one idea, before getting struck with another and feeling equally excited about it.

choosing where to go on honeymoon

I think part of the problem with deciding where to go is that it’s supposed to be a ‘once in a lifetime’ trip. It is our honeymoon after all. That means there’s a lot of pressure to pick something that’s going to be *perfect*.

But where will be perfect? What will be perfect? Does the perfect honeymoon destination even exist?

How the heck are we supposed to choose?

And what if we finally decide on somewhere and book it but then are tempted by somewhere else but it’s too late as we’ve already booked?

The main issue is choosing where to go. When the whole world is there to choose from it’s incredibly difficult.

There are so many places we both want to go. So many countries we haven’t yet been to that are high on our must-visit lists.

We’ve opened the world up to us by deciding we won’t go on honeymoon straight after the wedding. Instead, we’re going to go on what I’m calling a ‘mini-moon’ the day after our wedding party. My parents have a timeshare in Portugal, a place that we love, so we’re heading there to relax for a week.

So, we can literally go anywhere we want and at any time of the year on our actual honeymoon.

choosing where to go on honeymoon

I think part of our dilemma is not wanting what could be described as a typical honeymoon. When you do a quick search on Google for honeymoon ideas the type of things that come up aren’t really us.

Most of the things that appear on Google are all-inclusive resorts in places like The Caribbean, Mexico, The Maldives, Mauritius and more. All-inclusive resorts aren’t really our thing and we want something that’s a bit more immersive than staying within a resort for two weeks.

We’d like something where we get to explore what a place has to offer. We also think we’d like to visit several places during our trip and discover as much as possible.

Don’t get me wrong, I know this is very much a first world problem and I’m beyond grateful to be even thinking about things like a honeymoon and where we should go for it.

For now, the dilemma of where to go on honeymoon is still very much real. I’m expecting plenty hours spent with laptops and iPads in front of us trying to plan out different options before any decisions are made.

Do you have any tips on how to choose where to go on our honeymoon? Or can you suggest anywhere you think we’d love? Let me know in the comments!