In today’s world, there is so much choice in every aspect of our lives. We’re used to going to the supermarket and having to choose between 5 different milk brands, 10 types of pasta and dozens of types of cleaning product. There’s an overload on choice!

Some choices are definitely easier than others, but sometimes travel can be a difficult one. Choosing where to travel can be hard, because there is just SO much choice. When you’ve secured that all-important time off work and you sit down to decide where to go to, you’re bombarded with so many options. How the heck can you choose?!

Too much choice 

The advent of cheap flights and the ability to be in another country within hours has totally opened up the world. From my nearest airport (10 minutes away) I could be in France in just over an hour, Amsterdam in an hour and a half, America in 7 hours, and so on.

Thinking about it amazes me, but also kind of baffles me. There are so many places to travel to, that it can be overwhelming. Should you return to that destination you visited a few years ago and adored, or should you branch out and go somewhere new? Should you visit that place your parents/friends recommended or go somewhere entirely new? The options are endless.
choosing where to travel

Wanting to go everywhere

I’ve written before about how I struggle to choose where to travel because, the truth is, I actually want to go everywhere. When I’m faced with a bunch of options, I struggle to pick just one. Although I want to explore more of the US, I also want to discover more of Asia. And whilst I’ve wanted to return to Dubai for years, I also want to see other places in the area.

Narrowing it down to just one place always makes me feel as though I may be missing out on seeing X, Y or Z in another place. It’s basically FOMO in the travel world.
choosing where to travel

Making a decision

So, exactly how do you make a decision in the end?

I love lists, so a good pro and con list is always a good idea. Think about what things are good about a place and what things aren’t so good. Price is also a factor unless you have endless amounts of cash. Think about where will offer best value for money, but also a great experience.

Talk to people who’ve been to the places you’re considering visiting before. Get their opinions and listen to the experiences they’ve had.

Take a vote with the people you’re travelling with. If you’re travelling with a few people you should get together to discuss what everyone wants to get out of the trip. If someone wants to lay by the pool for a week but you want to explore, you might not both agree on a destination. Make sure it’s something that suits everyone before booking those flights.

You could also try out this cool new holiday inspiration tool from Flight Centre that picks where you should travel based on your name. Perfect if you’re up for travelling somewhere on a whim, or just really need help making a decision.

Do you struggle with choosing where to travel?

This post was created in conjunction with Flight Centre. All opinions and travel dilemmas are entirely my own.