I’m lucky enough to live just ten minutes away from Glasgow International Airport and just under an hour from Edinburgh Airport too. This means I’m pretty well connected to both airports and can jump on a plane at any time easily. I’m also lucky that there are a tonne of cheap flights leaving from both of these airports, two of the largest and busiest in Scotland.


Cheap Destinations to Visit from Scotland
There are *always* cheap flights to Berlin from Glasgow Airport and when I say cheap, I mean REALLY cheap. I just did a quick flight search and found return flights to Berlin for just £18. I mean, that’s less than the price of dinner in a restaurant!

Berlin is also a rather inexpensive destination for accommodation, eating out and all the other fun stuff that goes on there. It’s a great place to go if you’re a bit cash-strapped but still want a little bit of travel in your life.


cheap destinations to visit from scotland
The flight time to Dublin from Glasgow is only one hour and that means prices are blissfully cheap. There are also multiple flights every day so you can pick a time that’s most convenient for you to travel.

Although Dublin isn’t that cheap when you get there, the low flight prices will balance this out and mean you’ve got more cash to splash in the Irish capital.


Cheap Destinations to Visit from Scotland
Barcelona has been one of my favourite cities in the world for years and thanks to the number of cheap flights from Glasgow I’ve managed to visit upwards of ten times! When return flights are sometimes less than £25 who can really blame me?!


cheap destinations to visit from scotland
I have to admit that I hadn’t realised just quite how inexpensive flights to Brussels were from Scotland until I began researching this article. Now I know I can get return flights for less than £20 I’m wondering when I can fit in a visit to the pretty Belgian capital.


cheap destinations to visit from scotland
Flights to the stylish Danish city of Copenhagen start from around £30 return, making it seriously worth a visit. Unfortunately Copenhagen isn’t so kind on your bank account once you get there, but with flights this cheap it could definitely be worse!


cheap destinations to visit from scotland
Flights to Amsterdam from Edinburgh are just over £50 return. The flight time is only around an hour and thirty minutes too meaning you’re transported there in no time at all.

Amsterdam is one of my favourite European cities and somewhere I can’t wait to visit again soon. I love the vibrancy, the adorable canals, the cobbled streets and how peaceful the city can be at times, despite it’s sometimes-wild reputation.

Which of these cheap destinations would you most like to visit?