I recently embarked upon an 11 night cruise on board Celebrity Cruises’ Celebrity Silhouette. She’s a large ship and can hold just shy of 3,000 passengers and 1,500 crew members.

Celebrity Silhouette was launched in 2011, making it one of the newer cruise ships within the market. It’s full of modern and exciting features and has a contemporary feel throughout. Every area of the ship was always spotless during my cruise and I loved the decor and luxe touches throughout.

With the ability to hold this number of passengers, and given my preference for slightly smaller ships, I was worried that I would feel that the ship was too big and had too many people on it, but I needn’t have worried. Throughout the entire cruise, despite the ship being almost at capacity, it didn’t feel like there were almost 3,000 passengers on board. There were no crowds, no struggles to find tables or chairs in public areas or lines that are so often found on larger ships. This was one aspect of my cruise with Celebrity that I very much enjoyed.

The Centrum, Celebrity Silhouette Review

A floating tree in the middle of the elegant centrum area

I did feel at times in the evenings some of the bar areas were a little dimly lit. In one particular spot it was pretty hard to see the facial expressions of the person sitting in the chair opposite! That being said, there was a large variety of different bars to enjoy a pre or post dinner drink in the evenings as well as nightly shows and performances in the theatre, a casino, live music and much more. There was definitely something to keep everyone happy.

The Sunset Bar

This was without a doubt my favourite bar on board. Situated at the very back of the ship on deck 15 it has the very best views and was the perfect spot to sit and enjoy sailing away from port in the evenings.

Kotor, Montenegro, Celebrity Silhouette Review

The stunning view from The Sunset Bar whilst anchored in Kotor, Montenegro

Murano Speciality Restaurant

We enjoyed two meals in Murano, one of a number of speciality restaurants on board Celebrity Silhouette. The Murano lobster (which I had both nights because it was SO good!) is cooked beside your table which is always enjoyable to watch, and it tastes absolutely divine.

Murano Restaurant, Celebrity Silhouette Review

Murano Lobster

Both times we visited Murano we had a 15% discount on the usual cover charge of $45 per person. We were approached by one of the Murano servers whilst sitting at The Sunset Bar both evenings and we decided we might as well try it. I’m not sure if perhaps there wasn’t enough interest in Murano during our sailing, or if it is standard for them to offer discounts on certain days. The discounts certainly weren’t advertised in the daily newsletter you receive in your stateroom and we wouldn’t have known about it unless we had been approached by the server.


I had a standard outside cabin with a large picture window and I was very happy with it. I found it to be larger than many of the staterooms on ships I’ve sailed upon previously, especially the bathroom. There are robes provided in every stateroom as standard, as well as complimentary toiletries, which you don’t find on many cruise lines anymore.
Outside Stateroom Celebrity Silhouette

Grand Cuvee Dining Room

This is the main dining room on board Celebrity Silhouette and is situated over 2 decks. It’s one of the nicest main dining rooms I have been in at sea and was spacious, elegant and well appointed. I was also very impressed by the level of food offered here, compared to some of the food offered in main dining rooms on other cruise lines and ships. There was a good choice of different dishes available every evening, as well as the menu of standard favourites that were offered every night (chicken, steak, salads, etc).

Pictures from around Celebrity Silhouette

There were lots of places around the ship that I enjoyed – I loved the real grass that you could find in The Lawn Club on deck 15. It was perfect for relaxing on or getting a spot of bowls action on the go! Good for keeping people entertained during sea days. There were also organised live music events on selected evenings where passengers were welcome to sit on the grass, relax and enjoy the music with a glass of something refreshing before dinner.

The Lawn Club, Celebrity Silhouette Review

Action shot!

As part of The Lawn Club there are cabanas that you can hire out for a fee during the day. They hold 4 people and you can relax in these private little cabanas and enjoy fresh fruit, drinks and a more luxurious experience. Personally I didn’t try out the cabana experience whilst on board however, they did seem to be quite busy on sea days.

The Lawn Club, Celebrity Silhouette

The Lawn Club cabanas

The centrum was set over 11 decks however, it wasn’t as open and spacious as on some ships I’ve sailed on. I still really liked it though and loved travelling on the glass lifts through the centrum between floors.

Celebrity Silhouette Centrum

The hideaway was a relaxed spot spread over decks 7 and 8 centrum. It looked like the perfect place to have a quiet seat or do some reading, I didn’t try it out though as the weather was simply too lovely for
The Hideaway, Celebrity Silhouette Review

If the weather hadn’t been so good during my trip you would certainly have found me enjoying the features of the indoor pool and solarium area. It had plenty of beds, chairs and even a couple of cabanas for passengers to relax in.
The Solarium, Celebrity Silhouette Review

Have you sailed on board Celebrity Silhouette? What did you think? Have you booked a cruise on Celebrity Silhouette? Let me know in the comments below!