If you follow me on Twitter (come say hi here!) you may have noticed I posted that we were celebrating ‘Fake Christmas’ last Sunday. We had a whole host of Christmas Day activities planned and hosted my parents, Thomas’ parents, my brother and his girlfriend for Christmas Dinner. (Thomas has 4 siblings who had partners and children and unfortunately, our house is a little small to host everyone together!)

But why I hear you ask?

Well, we found out Thomas is going to be working away over both Christmas and New Year. His job as a global engineer can take him all over the world at any time and sadly it’s taking him away for 35 days, leaving later this week.

That means he will miss all the fun of the festive season and we were seriously bummed about it. We had to cancel all the fun plans we had for the most wonderful time of the year, including a trip to Amsterdam with friends. So, we decided to have an early celebration and a ‘Fake Christmas’ Day so that Thomas wouldn’t miss out on all the fun! And, yay, two Christmas Days for me!

I put the Christmas tree and decorations up on the 1st December (the earliest I usually put everythig up is 2 weeks before the Big Day!) and made everything as sparkly and festive as I possibly could.
celebrating christmas early

Thomas and I exchanged gifts and all the family gave him their gifts too, so he got to get all his gifts before he left. We put on Christmas songs whilst we prepared an epic dinner and got as much into the Christmas spirit as possible.

And, of course, I completely forgot to take any pictures of the day. I was too busy filling everyone’s drinks (and my own!), cooking and eating the Christmas Dinner, chatting and laughing. It was a great day.

I really went to town creating the perfect Christmas vibe and it really did feel like Christmas Day. So much so that when I nipped to the supermarket the next day and saw Christmas trees for sale for a fleeting moment I questioned why they were still selling trees once Christmas had passed!

We had such a great time celebrating Christmas early and I loved being able to bring a bit of festive cheer to Thomas before he leaves for his work trip. Here’s hoping it’s a quick 35 days and he’ll be back before I know it!

Have you ever celebrated Christmas early?