1709, 2018

How to Plan Your First Ski Trip

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Now that autumn is quickly descending around us, it’s time to start thinking about autumn and winter travels.

Thomas and I went on our first ski trip last year and absolutely loved it. Because it was our first ski trip, we spent a lot of time researching and planning, So, I wanted to share what we learned through the experience so […]

1405, 2018

How Getting a Dog Changes How You Travel

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So you’re thinking of getting a dog?! Congratulations! Do it. Do it now. It’s the BEST THING EVER.

Getting my beloved dog, Ben is, without a doubt, one of the best things that has ever happened to me. I got him when I was 16. He’s now 11 and a half years old and feels like he’s been by my side […]

305, 2018

How to Improve Short Trips in One Easy Way

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Travelling is so much fun. It’s an escape, it’s enlivening, exciting and shakes up the everyday. Long trips, short trips, every type of trip is

But it can be all too tempting to try to fit as much as possible into our travels. Whether for you that means visiting as many museums and galleries as you can, doing as much sightseeing […]

502, 2018

Why Taking A Winter Sunshine Break Is the Best

By |February 5th, 2018|Travel Tips|3 Comments

It’s always the middle of January and into February that I start to wish I’d planned a winter break. It’s been a few years since I’ve been on one and boy am I kicking myself now. But why take a winter sunshine break?

Chances are you’re probably not feeling that flush so soon after Christmas, so why try splash out on a […]

1101, 2018

Why January is The Best Time to Book Travel

By |January 11th, 2018|Life, Travel Tips|1 Comment

January. Oh, January.

For many people, January is the worst month of the year. Christmas – and all the fun that goes with it – is well and truly over and you crash back to reality with a bang. Back to work, back to routine and back to the monotony of everyday life. It’s cold outside, it’s oppressively dark and your […]

2011, 2017

5 Places I’d Like to Visit Off Season

By |November 20th, 2017|Life, Travel Tips|1 Comment

There’s a lot to be said for travelling to places during their off season. It can mean fewer crowds, shorter lines at attractions and a more authentic experience. It’s also much friendlier on your bank account too, with prices usually being considerably lower in many destinations during less popular times.

Many places have an entirely different vibe out of season. You’ll […]

1611, 2017

Why I Love Food Tours When Travelling

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“Food is a central activity of mankind and one of the single most significant trademarks of a culture” – Mark Kurlansky 

I strongly believe that food is a great way to get a feel for a place. A lot can be portrayed about a destination through its food. The flavours, spices, ingredients and cooking techniques used can reveal lots about a […]

611, 2017

Christmas Present Ideas for Travel Lovers

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It might only be the beginning of November, but Christmas will be here before we know it. This year has already gone past so quickly! I can’t quite believe it’s already time to start thinking about Christmas present ideas.

So, if you’re looking for Christmas present ideas for travel lovers, I’ve got you covered.
A flight/trip 
I’ve written before about why I believe […]

1910, 2017

Fitting Travel Into Your Life

By |October 19th, 2017|Travel Tips|1 Comment

Everyone is so busy these days. Busy with work, trying to keep on top of your inbox, socialising, home admin, life admin, trying to keep healthy, make sure you reply to all text, keep in touch with friends…the list goes on. And on. This means that fitting travel in can sometimes be a struggle.

Fitting in more than a cheap week […]

1109, 2017

Where to Travel in Autumn 2017

By |September 11th, 2017|Travel Tales, Travel Tips|0 Comments

Summer seems to have passed by in a flash and there’s now less than two weeks to go until the official beginning of autumn here in the Northern Hemisphere. If you want to get away somewhere special this autumn, then here are a few fantastic options…
The Canary Islands, Spain

 If you’re not yet ready to embrace autumn and you’d much […]