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Incredible Food Experiences Around The World

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Lonely Planet have just released their brand new ‘Ultimate Eatlist’ book. It’s a list of 500 amazing foodie experiences around the world. Included within their top 20 is having pinxtos in San Sebastian (this came in at number 1), eating sushi in Tokyo and pizza in Naples.

The places that made Lonely Planet’s list did so because of taste, cultural importance and […]

1207, 2018

We’re Going Camping! | Any Tips for Novice Campers?

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We’re going camping!

That’s a sentence I didn’t really think I’d be writing (typing).

I’ve been camping a couple of times before, but I was kind of put off by my last camping experience. Once was a week in the north of England at a massive Guide camp. The other was when Thomas and I went camping for a night a few years […]

907, 2018

What to do on Rainy Travel Days

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You wake up in an unfamiliar bed to the sound of rain battering the window. The soothing, relaxing sound of rain.

But wait. You quickly remember you’re on holiday and the last thing you want is rain.

Bad weather can ruin all your holiday plans, especially if you’re in a typically sunny weather destination. After all, you can’t go to the beach […]

207, 2018

Reading Challenge: Halfway Point Update

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I don’t mean to alarm anyone, but we’re already halfway through 2018. How the heck did that happen so quickly? It seems like just a month or two ago it was the beginning of the year. And, yes, I know it’s a sign I’m getting old that I start saying (writing) things like that.

Long time readers here might remember that […]

2806, 2018

Visiting The Kelpies and The Falkirk Wheel

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Looking for a fun day out in central Scotland? Why not visit The Kelpies and The Falkirk Wheel? They’re around 20 miles from Glasgow and Edinburgh, so it’s easy to visit them from either city in a day. Plus, they’re just a few miles apart, so the perfect distance to visit both sites in just one day. You can easily […]

1406, 2018

A Two-Day Itinerary for Thurso and the Far North of Scotland

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Despite several trips abroad, one of my most favourite trips of last year was spent exploring the north of Scotland. I enjoyed a week travelling around the northernmost tip of the country and was blown away by its beauty.

The weather during my time in this area was incredible, which I’m sure definitely contributed to my enjoyment, but I think it’s […]

3105, 2018

My Pick of the 5 Best Restaurants in Edinburgh

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I’m lucky to live just an hour from Edinburgh, meaning I’ve visited the city lots. I visit on day trips, for weekends and for mid-week getaways. It’s such a fun city to visit and explore and each time I visit I feel I get to know it even better. As well as the usual tourist attractions and some other less […]

1705, 2018

Best Gin Distilleries to Visit in Scotland

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The popularity of gin has blown up exponentially in recent years. Let’s face it, gin used to be one of those drinks that were loved by grandmothers, but now everyone can’t get enough of gin!

Did you know that more than 70% of all gin produced in The UK comes from Scotland? Scotland (a nation that loves a good tipple!) has […]

2604, 2018

My Poorly Pup, Pancreatitis and Realisations

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This week my beloved dog Ben has been ill. Like, really ill.

He had no energy, was sleeping all the time, being sick and had really bad diarrhoea. We rushed him to the vet and were told they’d have to keep him in. They wanted to run tests and put him on a drip to get fluids into him as quickly […]

2304, 2018

My Favourite Weekend Escape – Archerfield Estate

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It’s a place that makes me feel dozens of different things at times. It can make me feel cosy – like I want to grab a book and curl up by the open fire in autumn and winter. In spring and summer when the sun is shining and the wind is blowing gently through the trees it makes me feel […]