2508, 2016

Why I Love Booking Travel in Advance

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Less than 48 hours after I touched down home after my trip to Italy in July I was already booking flights for another trip. That’s not unusual for me, you see. I always like to have at least one trip booked in advance, whether it’s for next month, six months or next year.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t book all […]

2208, 2016

Ciccheti – A True Taste of Venice

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One of the things many people – myself included – want when they travel is to eat in places where local people are eating. These are usually the best places to dine out and it’s always exciting to try local flavours, traditional dishes and mingle among the people who call that place home.

Venice is one of the busiest tourist cities […]

1108, 2016

On People and Stories

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people watching

the action or practice of spending time idly observing people in a public place.

What is it that makes people watching so much fun?

I love seeing people passing by and picking up on their idiosyncrasies to try to guess at their story. The couple who look like they’ve just had an argument, the group of friends travelling for some kind of […]

408, 2016

Revisiting Countries and Places

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I’m always a little baffled by the common misnomer that it is bad, wrong or silly to revisit countries you’ve already been to, because then you’re not seeing somewhere new. I find it to be so incredibly false.

I often find that my best visits are not my first visits to a place. And I would never have had those good […]

2807, 2016

Visiting Gorgeous Burano, Venice

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I’d wanted to visit Burano on a few of my previous trips to Venice but hadn’t managed to fit it in for whatever reason. On my trip to Venice last month I resolved that I *had* to get myself to Burano once and for all, to see the gorgeous colourful buildings for myself.

All of the houses in Burano are painted […]

2507, 2016

TV Shows that Make Me Want to Travel

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I don’t think I’m the only person who’s ever watched a TV show and found themselves really wanting to travel to the location that it’s set in.

I’m not talking about fictional locations like Hogwarts (although for some people that might be rather appealing), but real places that exist beyond the realms of your TV, laptop or iPad screen. Real, exciting […]

1407, 2016

Great Destinations for Solo Travel

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Deciding to travel solo can be a pretty big deal, especially if you’ve never done it before. You might feel like you’re stepping way outside of your comfort zone, or it might feel perfectly natural if you’re used to doing it. However solo travel makes you feel it’s always worth searching for destinations that are easy and fun to travel […]

1407, 2016

7 Unmissable Things to do in Canada

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As the world’s second biggest country, Canada offers unlimited fun and entertainment for visitors. The country is home to fabulous beaches, cities brimming with cultural riches, and breathtakingly beautiful mountain ranges.

Here is a list of seven things you must do when you are in Canada:
Dine in 360 
This is a unique revolving restaurant in CN Tower, one of the world’s tallest […]

707, 2016

8 Things to do in The Italian Riviera

By |July 7th, 2016|Destinations, Italy, Travel Tales|1 Comment

As this scheduled post goes live I’m currently in Sorrento, another part of one of my favourite countries, Italy. That means you can expect lots of loving Italian travel tips and tales in the coming weeks!
The Italian Riviera is located in the north west of the country and includes pretty much all of the coastline within the Liguria region. There’s […]

3006, 2016

June Round-Up

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What’s been happening in June? 
June has been another busy but fun month!

The weather was incredible in Scotland at the end of May and up until around the middle of June so I made the most of it with plenty of BBQs, sunny walks with my pooch and copious amounts of al fresco working – one of the best parts of […]