2205, 2015

Pictures from Portugal

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Last week I returned from a blissful week in Portugal’s Algarve region so today I’m sharing with you all a little teaser of some of the photos from the trip. Stay tuned over the next few weeks for more posts coming up…

This was the killer view form our balcony in Vilamoura. As you can see we overlooked the pool and […]

2005, 2015

7 Free Things to do In Glasgow

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Visiting Glasgow on a budget and looking for some fun free things to do? There’s loads of free things to do and see in my favourite Scottish city.
Visit Kelvingrove Art Gallery & Museum 
The great thing about Glasgow is that it has a multitude of free museums that visitors and locals can visit. Kelvingrove, in the West End of the city, […]

1805, 2015

10 Photos to Make You Want To Visit Scotland

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If you’re a regular visitor to my blog then you’ll known that I’m absolutely head over heels in love with my beautiful country, Scotland.

Whenever I meet people who haven’t explored Scotland yet I always try to convince them that they need to visit. I tell them about how friendly Scottish people are, our breathtaking landscapes, delicious food, great culture and […]

1505, 2015

Best Things About Spring

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Spring is in full swing and it feels amazing after a long, cold winter that felt like it would pretty much never end here in Scotland. The spring weather has been kind here recently and I’ve been able to work outside in the sunshine, have BBQ’s and generally get really excited for summer.

Here’s my favourite things about spring:

1. Lighter nights

2. […]

1305, 2015

A DIY Camera Strap

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Although I take the majority of my travel photos with my trusty iPhone 5S, I still love using my camera for those extra special places that I know I want to get really high quality images of.

My camera, an Olympus bridge camera, is perfect for me when I’m travelling as it’s fairly light and compact. The only thing I wasn’t […]

1105, 2015

Happy Monday! Links I Love

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Happy Monday guys!

As I’m currently in Portugal relaxing, exploring and enjoying some much needed sunshine, I thought for today’s post I would share some great content I’ve seen around the internet lately.

Here’s some of the links I’ve been loving of late:

I don’t have a bucket list but if I did I’d want it to be more of a moral bucket […]

805, 2015

How to Plan Group Travel

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So you and a bunch of your friends or family have decided that you’d like to take a trip as a group and you’ve been nominated as the person to research and book it all? Lucky you!

Planning a trip for a group of people can be tough as it’s often difficult to please everyone and the person who does the […]

605, 2015

Travelling With Expectation

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“I’ve been many places and it’s always different from what you expect…it never is the way you imagine”
I recently read these words in a book (this one if you’re wondering) and it got me thinking a lot about travel and the expectations we have about places.

Whenever we travel we have expectations. It’s human nature to have ideas of what a place […]

405, 2015

Next Stop: Portugal!

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I’m currently getting packed and ready for my next adventure; Portugal!

Portugal is a country that I absolutely adore having visited it many times. It’s an easy, short flight from the UK, has infinitely better weather, friendly locals, great food and gorgeous beaches and scenery. What’s not to love?

Thomas and I are heading to Vilamoura, in the hugely popular Algarve region […]

105, 2015

April in Review

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