2311, 2017

Easy Tips On How To Stay Motivated Working From Home

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I’ve noticed that when I tell people I work for myself from my home office I usually get a tonne of questions about how I stay motivated. Many remark they wouldn’t have the willpower to get their work done and might instead find themselves watching daytime TV or doing tasks around the house.

As well as running this blog, I spend […]

2011, 2017

5 Places I’d Like to Visit Off Season

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There’s a lot to be said for travelling to places during their off season. It can mean fewer crowds, shorter lines at attractions and a more authentic experience. It’s also much friendlier on your bank account too, with prices usually being considerably lower in many destinations during less popular times.

Many places have an entirely different vibe out of season. You’ll […]

1611, 2017

Why I Love Food Tours When Travelling

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“Food is a central activity of mankind and one of the single most significant trademarks of a culture” – Mark Kurlansky 

I strongly believe that food is a great way to get a feel for a place. A lot can be portrayed about a destination through its food. The flavours, spices, ingredients and cooking techniques used can reveal lots about a […]

611, 2017

Christmas Present Ideas for Travel Lovers

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It might only be the beginning of November, but Christmas will be here before we know it. This year has already gone past so quickly! I can’t quite believe it’s already time to start thinking about Christmas present ideas.

So, if you’re looking for Christmas present ideas for travel lovers, I’ve got you covered.
A flight/trip 
I’ve written before about why I believe […]

3010, 2017

October Round-Up

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What’s been happening in October? 
What a month!

I’ve been to an ice hockey match, enjoyed a dinner party at my brother’s house, helped friends with their house move, had a fantastic weekend away in Scotland, a dreamy trip to Portugal and attended a houswarming party! Safe to say things have been pretty busy around here.

I also took 10 days off work this […]

2610, 2017

Thoughts When Flying

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I love flying, I always have done. I’ve written here before about my love of flying. The concept of being able to get into a metal can, fly through the air and end up somewhere thousands of miles away within the space of a few hours is truly amazing.

There are some thoughts that pop up time and time again when […]

1210, 2017

Out of Office!

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This is a pretty exciting week for me – tomorrow my out of office is going on for the next 10 days! As a freelancer I don’t take holidays all that often. Sure I take a day or two off here and there, but I only take a longer break a couple of times a year. This means that a […]

910, 2017

The Things I Love to do When I’m Not Travelling

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I wrote recently about how my travel style has changed and evolved over the last few years. I don’t take as many trips each year as I used to, but that’s something I’m okay with. This is mostly because I love my life at home, and have lots of things to keep me busy that I adore.
Cooking is a major […]

510, 2017

How My Travel Style Has Changed

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Change is inevitable as we get older. As we grow, evolve and adapt so do many things about our personalities and tastes. I’ve recently realised that as with so many things in my life, my travel style has changed as I’ve gotten older. I’m not the same girl I was 9 years ago when I was 18 anymore. While I […]

210, 2017

September Round-Up

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What’s been happening in September? 
Autumn is here! Summer is officially over and it seems to have passed in the blink of an eye. It doesn’t seem so long ago that we were enjoying BBQs in the garden and day trips in the sunshine. Now, it’s time to enjoy the cosy nights of autumn and the gorgeous colours of nature. I’m […]