2903, 2018

Newcastle Gateshead; The Perfect Spring Getaway Location

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Spring has officially sprung! And there’s nothing better than a little spring getaway to make the most of better weather, warmer temperatures and the exciting anticipation of summer.

One of my favourite spots in the UK for a city break is undoubtedly Newcastle. I’ve been lucky enough to have visited the city a handful of times and have always loved it. […]

802, 2016

Luxury Experiences in London

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With a population in excess of eight million people, London is one of the world’s most iconic, exciting and intriguing cities. People travel from all corners of the globe to get a look at Big Ben, try and see the Queen chilling out in Buckingham Palace and walk the streets of the city.

Whilst London can be somewhat budget friendly, and […]

2606, 2015

Staying In The UK’s Most Haunted Hotel

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You may or may not remember my previous post on staying at Dalston Hall Hotel, a rather beautiful property dating back to 1507 near Carlisle in the Northern Lake District. What I didn’t tell you at the time was that Dalston Hall is said to be the UK’s most haunted hotel!

I’d done a little research before my stay at Dalston […]

2905, 2015

Historic Dalston Hall Hotel

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It’s no secret that I love a good road trip, so when I was invited to check out Dalston Hall Hotel, a few hours drive from my home town, I was pretty excited. Upon looking at the hotel online it’s safe to say I was even more excited.

Driving up to Dalston Hall, although we were just 15 minutes from the […]

2502, 2015

8 Great Cities To Visit In The UK

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1. Edinburgh
Edinburgh is Scotland’s charming capital city, complete with an imposing Castle atop a volcanic plug overlooking the entire city. It is undeniably beautiful and filled with such magnificent architecture that a visit to the UK would not be complete without a visit to Edinburgh.

Wander up the Royal Mile and admire the ‘closes’ that help define the city, visit Edinburgh […]

1108, 2014

Top 5 Places to Visit in The UK

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I’m a firm believer that the UK is full of some incredible, interesting and beautiful places that are often overlooked in favour of more exotic destinations further afield. Here’s my pick of what I think are the best places to visit in the UK…
1. Edinburgh


2407, 2014

Exploring England’s Lake District

By |July 24th, 2014|Destinations, England, Travel Tales|4 Comments

I’ve always kind of wondered why everyone waits for the summer to arrive in the UK and then immediately leaves to go on holiday, meaning they miss all the best weather? Surely when the sun is shining in Britain (which admittedly doesn’t happen all that often!) you want to stick around and make the most of it! With this idea in mind, last week I indulged in a little summer staycation and took a road trip to England’s Lake District for a relaxing few days.

I was thoroughly regretting this decision about 45 minutes from arriving in our first destination, Ambleside, as the rain was coming down in sheets and we couldn’t see any of the striking scenery because of it. Summer…what summer?! Luckily for us the rain stopped half an hour after arrival and it was blue skies all the way from there. Lucky or what!

608, 2013

An Idyllic Break at Inadown Farm and Stables

By |August 6th, 2013|England, Travel Tales|6 Comments

I took an epic road trip last week from my home in the west of Scotland all the way down to the South Downs National Park in Hampshire, almost at the very bottom of England. The purpose of this almost 1,000 mile round trip was for a short break at an adorable cottage in one of the most idyllic locations I’ve ever been lucky enough to experience.
Taking the exit from the motorway and finding ourselves quickly surrounded by rolling green hills and endless fields was a welcome break from the miles of grey motorway that we had endured to reach this point. As we began to drive past rustic cottages with thatched roofs and charming country pubs we quickly knew that the long drive had been more than worth it. And we hadn’t even reached Goldridge Cottage yet.

205, 2013

Where to Stay in Brighton, Vine Street Studios

By |May 2nd, 2013|England, Travel Tales|1 Comment

I’ve written previously about my penchant for finding an amazing apartment or house instead of a hotel in certain destinations, and sometimes that can be as tough as searching for a proverbial needle in a haystack. In Brighton though, we really cracked it and found what I would, without hesitation, refer to as the coolest apartment in Brighton – Vine Street Studios.

This old warehouse has been converted into a chic, New-York-loft-style apartment that simply exudes cool. It’s decorated in a modern, minimalist fashion, with exposed wires, beams and touches of metal all around. […]

2904, 2013

Brighton Street Art

By |April 29th, 2013|England, Travel Tales|10 Comments

Colourful, quirky, mysterious, creative, friendly, bright, eclectic. These are just a few words which immediately spring to mind when attempting to describe the city of Brighton, on England’s southern coastline.