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15 Things to do in Bruges

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Magical Melville Castle

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Bruges In Pictures

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20 Things to Do in Edinburgh

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10 Things I Believe About Travel

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Alternative Cities to Visit in Europe

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You know that feeling when you want to take a trip but aren’t sure where to go?

Sure, you could hit up some of Europe’s big-name cities like Paris, Rome, Barcelona or Madrid but, maybe you’ve already been there, or you just don’t feel like going somewhere that feels as though everyone visits. Or perhaps it’s that the inflated prices of the popular cities are simply not in your budget (yeah, I hate that). Either way, don’t let that stop you travelling.

In any country there’s always an alternative to the big, popular city where you can wander without fighting your way through those groups of Asian tourists fighting with each other to get the best photos on their gigantic cameras. There’s somewhere else you can visit that is less touched by tourism, doesn’t have the inflated prices and just feels more relaxed away from the crowds.

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My 2013 Travel Adventures

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2013 has been a pretty big travel year for me. I’ve visited fourteen different countries including six brand new ones taking my total number of countries to 33. Not bad!

I began the year watching fireworks light up the sky over Edinburgh Castle surrounded by other lovely travel bloggers. We were at the beginning of a whirlwind trip around Scotland seeing all that my beloved country has to offer. Everyone adored their time in Scotland and I was like a proud mother hen showing off the best parts of my country to everyone. Shockingly for Scotland the weather even behaved and we had warm temperatures, no snow and very little rain. Thanks, Mother Nature!

Three Countries in Six Days in Pictures

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So last week was an incredibly travel intensive one for me as I visited three beautiful countries – Italy, Croatia and Slovenia. It was exhausting, exhilarating, liberating and amazing all at the same time. Since it’s been such a whirlwind and I’m still recovering and getting my head around it all, here’s a little introduction to my week in pictures…

Pesaro, Italy, Three Countries in Six Days

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The Beauty of Dubrovnik

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Dubrovnik was declared a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1979 because of the stone protective walls which stretch for almost two kilometres around the city. I’ve walked on the walls twice and the views from the top are simply stunning and are certainly well worth the climb. I’ll warn you now, though, it can be quite slippery underfoot so make sure you have sensible footwear on if you plan to do this – trust me, I know this from experience. Walking in a pair of incredibly pretty, but highly impractical sandals is best avoided lest you end up with a sore bum and even sorer sense of pride!

Dubrovnik, Croatia

Me loving Dubrovnik (not pictured – pretty, but lethal, shoes!)

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Stunned by Split

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Of all the ports of call on my cruise the Croatian city of Split was the one I was most surprised by. From the moment I stepped onto dry land I was absolutely blown away by how beautiful the city is. I entered the heart of the city inside the protective walls via a long tunnel that was a blissfully cool haven from the blistering heat outside. The small stalls inside sold many typically tourist items but if you were willing to look past that there are some smaller works of contemporary art and quirky one-off items to be found.


Leaving the cool of the tunnel behind I found myself standing in front of the Cathedral of Saint Dominus and the bell tower, which serves as one of the main symbols of the city.


If you’ve read my article on climbing the Duomo in Florence then you’ll know that I’m partial to walking up hundreds of steps for a panoramic view so, of course, I had to climb the bell tower.  A mere €1.50 and 180 steps later in 30 degree heat and this was my reward…




Split Harbour

The captivating image of the bright terracotta roofs contrasted against the still turquoise waters of the Adriatic reminded me of Dubrovnik. Although I found it not quite as impressive as Dubrovnik, the view was still beautiful and it gave me a better impression of the size of the city.

One of the things I enjoyed most about the city was simply walking through its ever-changing streets. There are grandiose wide streets which are busy with tourists and locals alike and then there are those quiet, tiny little streets which you’ll often stumble upon in Split. These are always my favourite streets, the ones which really can’t be classed as a street- more as an alleyway or lane. They always offer a moment of peace in a city like Split which is overrun with tourists in the summer months. In these peaceful side streets it was hard to believe Split is home to nearly a quarter of a million people.


Wandering down some of the less populated streets also allowed me to discover some quirky architectural features that I wouldn’t otherwise have seen. I saw arches, clocks, faces carved into the stonework and many more. The whole city has many interesting nooks and crannies just waiting to be found. Plus we came across a pretty incredible ice cream parlour with at least a million different delicious flavours. I’m making myself hungry just writing about it!

Before you leave Split behind, in order to bring good luck you have to be sure to rub the foot of the statue of bishop Gregory of Nin, which stands just outside the northern walls of the Palace.


I think we all need a little bit of extra luck sometimes and I guess that’s why his foot has been so well rubbed! What luck am I hoping for? A return visit to Split, of course! One day simply wasn’t enough to explore the city and now it’s definitely on my list of places I want to return to and spent some more time discovering more of the best things to do in Split.

And maybe I’ll check out some more of that ice cream whilst I’m there…!