What’s one of the things you wish you had more money to spend on? Clothes, shoes, handbags, eating out, travel? Travel is definitely my choice.

To have money to spend on travel I like to budget my money when and where I can. Here are my top tips for budgeting for travel…

Spend less in certain areas

There are certain things I like to indulge in when I’m travelling and that means I’m happy to spend a little more money. To balance this out, I save money in other areas that aren’t as important to me. For example, I love luxury hotels so I’m happy to save money with low cost flights to enable me to spend more on a fabulous hotel.

Avoid credit cards 

I have a credit card and have had one for years, but I very rarely use it. I only ever use it to book flights etc on and then pay it off as soon as the bill comes through. By not using it often, and paying it off straight away when I do use it, I’m living within my means. I’m avoiding paying high interest rates to spend money that isn’t mine to start with.

If you don’t already have a credit card then avoid getting one unless you have enough self-control not to use it except in an emergency.

Flight & hotel comparison websites 

I always check flight and hotel comparison websites before booking anything. Flight and hotel comparison websites do all the hard work for you and check prices from many different providers and show you the cheapest option. Making sure I’m always getting the best rates saves me cash and allows me to spend it on other things.

My favourite websites for flight comparisons are Skyscanner and Momondo. For hotels I always use Trivago.

How much cash will you need? 

If you’re travelling somewhere and you’re not sure how much cash you’ll need when you get there, it’s easy to do some research to find out. There are so many blogs and websites that can tell you the cost of things in certain places.

Be sure to do your research before you leave home to find out how much things like day trips, food and drinks are likely to cost. This means you an figure out roughly how much cash you’ll need and ensure you have enough.

If you’ve got more cash saved than you think you’ll need to spend whilst you’re away then that’s amazing. Either use it to treat yourself while you’re on your trip, or put it towards another one for the future! 

If you have a bit less cash than you think you’ll need for the duration of your trip this gives you an opportunity to find/save/earn some extra. Put in a few overtime shifts at work, cut back on your daily Starbucks habit or did you know if you’re over 55 you can release equity from your home? This can all help pay for your adventures without putting yourself under major stress! 

This post is part of the #SagaTravelBudgeting campaign about the importance of budgeting for travel. All thoughts, opinions and money saving ideas are entirely my own.