Colourful, quirky, mysterious, creative, friendly, bright, eclectic. These are just a few words which immediately spring to mind when attempting to describe the city of Brighton, on England’s southern coastline.
Brighton Pier, Brighton Street Art

Blinding sunshine and a sharp, brisk wind greeted me as I walked out of the train station and onto the busy street. There was a bustle of people going about their daily business and I could hear a musician playing somewhere nearby. As I started to make my way through the maze of city centre streets towards my apartment I couldn’t help but notice the flashes of street art all around me. On street corners, shop fronts, gates, doors, and even cable boxes.
Cassette Lord, Brighton Street Art

If you’re in Brighton look out for ‘Cassette Lord‘ putting his stamp on the city with some seriously retro cassette tapes of all different designs and colours.
Colourful Brighton Street Art

The main areas where you’ll find street art within the city are in and around the famous Lanes. These are a collection of streets filled with funky shops, musicians and art absolutely everywhere. This is the perfect place to spend a day getting lost in the streets, shopping for vintage clothes and getting caught up in the relaxed, anything-goes atmosphere of Brighton.

Brighton Shops, Brighton Street Art

The vibe here is welcoming, accepting and it appears as though Brighton celebrates the differences in life, rather than adhering to conformity as is so often found in other cities. It’s refreshing to walk around a city that doesn’t seem to be taking itself too seriously.

Brighton Street Art

I found myself feeling really at home during the long weekend I spent in Brighton. Sure, I was still getting lost in the maze of streets around the Lanes, but I felt a sort of affinity with the city. I liked that it was different, I liked that the people of Brighton were different. The eclectic personality of the city was reflected in its residents, and I found myself enjoying it.

Brighton Street Art

My feelings for Brighton were probably aided by the fact that we stayed in probably the best apartment Brighton has to offer, but more on that next time so stay tuned. It also probably helped that the sun shone incessantly, and everything always looks better when you’re guarding your eyes from the sun behind a pair of aviators. Sort of like rose tinted glasses, but for the 21st century.