1810, 2018

Why I Visited Portugal Twice in One Month

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Anyone who’s been reading this blog for a while will know how much I love Portugal, especially The Algarve region. It’s a place I’ve visited dozens of times and have been six times within the last 2 and a half years. But, just recently I visited The Algarve region twice within just a month – that’s a lot even for […]

1510, 2018

15 Best Places to Eat in Glasgow

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Having lived just outside of Glasgow my entire life, it’s safe to say I’ve tried some of the best restaurants the city has to offer. So, if you’re looking for the best places to eat in Glasgow, read on…
1. La Vita Spuntini 
La Vita Spuntini dishes up talian tapas at great prices. It’s located on bustling Byres Road and is the […]

1110, 2018

Top Tips for Driving in Portugal

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If you’re thinking of renting a car in Portugal but are nervous because you’ve never driven abroad before then you’re in the right place!

Portugal was the first place I ever drove abroad and I found I actually really enjoyed it. I’m a fairly confident driver at home but still felt a little nervous getting behind the wheel in a foreign […]

810, 2018

Why I Love Coming Home After Travel

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As much as I love to travel it’s always nice to return home at the end of a trip. Whether I’ve been away from home for weeks, or just a few days it’s always nice to be back (even if it usually means coming home to dreary Scottish weather!).

It’s nice to come home to my house that I absolutely adore and […]

410, 2018

Why I’m Grateful to Have a Regular Weekend Getaway

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As I flopped down into the impossibly comfortable bed I found myself smiling. I was still smiling contentedly a few moments later when I started rubbing my night cream into my face, soothing it after the blustery sea air had battered on the beach a few hours earlier.
I felt happy, content and comfortable.
It was the end of another day at […]

110, 2018

Monthly Round-Up: September Edition

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What’s been happening in September?
What a fantastic month September has been! There have been trips abroad and in Scotland, birthdays to celebrate, more trips planned and catch ups with friends and family.

The month started off with me flying to Portugal to meet Thomas for a holiday together. We had an amazing week staying in Vilamoura and travelling throughout the region […]

2709, 2018

5 Amazing Places to Visit in The Algarve

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The Algarve is one of my favourite destinations in Europe. It’s a place that has it all. Sun, sea, sand, pretty architecture, adorable towns, stunning coastline, delicious wines and some seriously good food. What’s not to love?

If you’re thinking of a visit and wondering what amazing places to visit in The Algarve, then here are my pick of the bunch…

Lagos is […]

2409, 2018

Why I Won’t Apologise for Getting Excited About Travel

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“Surely you don’t get excited about going on holiday at your age?”
The words weren’t directed at me, thankfully (surely I’m not old enough for people to say things like that yet!). Thomas’ brother Dougie read them out from a text message he received. He was staying at our house before flying out to Spain for a week in the sun […]

2009, 2018

My Algarve Getaway

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Any long-time readers here (hiii!) will know I’m a big fan of Portugal and, in particular, it’s Algarve region.
Why Portugal is One of My Favourite Destinations
10 Reasons Why Portugal is a Perfect Summer Destination
I was there just a couple of weeks ago for a holiday with Thomas and we had the best time. We stayed in Vilamoura, a place we […]

1709, 2018

How to Plan Your First Ski Trip

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Now that autumn is quickly descending around us, it’s time to start thinking about autumn and winter travels.

Thomas and I went on our first ski trip last year and absolutely loved it. Because it was our first ski trip, we spent a lot of time researching and planning, So, I wanted to share what we learned through the experience so […]