401, 2018

Monthly Round-Up: December Edition

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Happy New Year! I know it’s such a cliche but I can’t quite believe it’s 2018 already. 2017 seemed to pass by in a bit of a blur and here we are already into a brand new year.

This is my first post here since before Christmas and I have to admit it’s been great to have a break from posting. […]

2112, 2017

Merry Christmas!

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I know Christmas isn’t for another few days, but today is the day I finish up for the holidays. I’m closing down my laptop and getting ready to take a good few days off.

All of my client work is completed and scheduled for over the break, blog posts have been scheduled here and I’m looking forward to some time away […]

1812, 2017

My Best Moments of 2017

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Sorry to be quite so cliche, but I can’t believe 2017 is almost over. It feels like only a couple of months ago we were toasting to 2017 surrounded by family and friends at our Hogmanay party.

I love looking back at the end of the year and remembering everything that’s happened throughout the year. Looking back on 2017 it’s been […]

1412, 2017

Experiencing Burnout

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Last week I was ill. So ill I didn’t get dressed for 2 days and didn’t leave my house for 5 days. This is so unlike me. In fact, I actually can’t remember when I was last ill enough to even stay in my pj’s for an entire day. It must have been many, many years.

What started off as a […]

1112, 2017

Why We Celebrated Christmas On 3rd December

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If you follow me on Twitter (come say hi here!) you may have noticed I posted that we were celebrating ‘Fake Christmas’ last Sunday. We had a whole host of Christmas Day activities planned and hosted my parents, Thomas’ parents, my brother and his girlfriend for Christmas Dinner. (Thomas has 4 siblings who had partners and children and¬†unfortunately, our house […]

412, 2017

Why I’ll Never Tire of Italy

By |December 4th, 2017|Destinations, Italy|1 Comment

I’ve written before about Portugal being one of my favourite countries. Italy is undoubtedly another. Italy is a destination I have a lot of love for and have so many fantastic memories of. It’s a place I never tire of returning to and I still have plenty Italian destinations on my must-visit list.

I can’t actually recall how many times I’ve […]

3011, 2017

November Round-Up

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What’s been happening in November?
November has been a busy, but fantastic month.

I’ve been to a fantastic dinner party with friends, saw Rag’n’Bone Man live in Glasgow, attended the Andy Murray charity night in Glasgow and saw Andy and Roger Federer play tennis, went to a family party, learned how to make fresh pasta from scratch and more.

Seeing Rag’n’Bone Man live […]

2711, 2017

My 2018 Travel Wishlist

By |November 27th, 2017|Travel Tales|2 Comments

When it comes to this time of year I’ve usually already started thinking about what 2018 will hold. I like to plan ahead and be organised, especially when it comes to travel. I love nothing more than planning for future trips and looking forward to where I’m going next.

If you’ve started thinking about your travels for next year and are […]

2311, 2017

Easy Tips On How To Stay Motivated Working From Home

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I’ve noticed that when I tell people I work for myself from my home office I usually get a tonne of questions about how I stay motivated. Many remark they wouldn’t have the willpower to get their work done and might instead find themselves watching daytime TV or doing tasks around the house.

As well as running this blog, I spend […]

2011, 2017

5 Places I’d Like to Visit Off Season

By |November 20th, 2017|Life, Travel Tips|1 Comment

There’s a lot to be said for travelling to places during their off season. It can mean fewer crowds, shorter lines at attractions and a more authentic experience. It’s also much friendlier on your bank account too, with prices usually being considerably lower in many destinations during less popular times.

Many places have an entirely different vibe out of season. You’ll […]