1608, 2018

The Ultimate Guide to North Berwick

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North Berwick is one of my absolute favourite little towns in Scotland. It’s a place I visit several times each year when we go on long weekends to Archerfield Estate, which is just a few miles away from the town.

As it’s somewhere I’ve been so often for the last 7-8 years, I’ve gotten to know North Berwick very well. I […]

908, 2018

Best Scottish Seaside Towns

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Wondering what the best Scottish seaside towns to visit are? Then you’ll want to stick around and read on.

Mainland Scotland is surrounded by more than 6000 miles of coastline, so you won’t be surprised to find out there are some incredible little seaside towns dotted all around the coast.
North Berwick 

North Berwick, on Scotland’s east coast, is a personal favourite of […]

608, 2018

Big Feed Glasgow: Scotland’s Biggest Indoor Street Food Market

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A couple of weekends ago I finally went somewhere I’ve wanted to go for ages. I went to Big Feed, Scotland’s biggest indoor street food market!

Big Feed is hosted in a warehouse in an unassuming street in Govan. We parked up and began to walk towards the door of the warehouse but we could already hear live music and plenty […]

208, 2018

Monthly Round-Up: July Edition

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What’s been happening in July? 
It’s been another month of almost exclusively glorious weather here in Scotland. We’ve been enjoying sunshine and plenty of blue skies for weeks now which, if you’ve ever visited Scotland you’ll know is rather rare!

I’ve been making the most of the weather as much as possible. There have been barbeques, sunshine drinks, lots of walks, bridesmaid […]

3007, 2018

Why Visiting 40 Countries Before I’m 30 is Important to Me

By |July 30th, 2018|Life|2 Comments

I’ve travelled to 39 countries so far.

39 countries across 5 continents.

39 countries out of some 195 countries in the world.

To some that might seem like an incredible achievement, whilst to others it may seem so tiny as to be almost inconsequential.

Well, to me, it’s important.

I feel proud to have set foot in 39 countries across the world. The majority have […]

2307, 2018

The Joy of NOT Writing About Travel

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I love writing. But, that probably won’t come as any surprise to anyone to hear that a travel blogger loves writing.

I’ve always loved writing. Ever since I can remember I’ve loved it. Even when I was about 7 and I wrote a 24-page story about children living in Bangladesh after watching a particularly poignant Blue Peter appeal.

These days, I’ve moved […]

1907, 2018

Getting Sick as a Freelancer

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Getting sick sucks. There’s no doubt about it. Feeling unwell is never fun and it can be frustrating to have to put things on hold because you’re too sick to function properly.

When you’re a freelancer being sick is even worse. If you’re feeling too crappy to get work done then there’s nobody to stand in for you. There aren’t any […]

1607, 2018

Summer Holiday Packing Wishlist

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1 Monochrome Boxy Striped T-shirt
2 Silver Sandals – Love the glitter detailing!
3 Pink Strappy Cami (Can you tell I like stripes?)
4 Pink Swimsuit
5 Red Maxi Dress
6 Cobalt Blue Top
7 Black Zip-Front Top
8 Embroidered Playsuit
9 Pleated Skirt
10 Rayban Wayfarer Sunglasses
11 Blue Striped Top
12 Mink Block Heels
13 Linen Striped Shorts
Summer holiday packing can be tricky sometimes. How many pairs of shoes will I need? How many swimsuits? Is it going to be cool at […]

1207, 2018

We’re Going Camping! | Any Tips for Novice Campers?

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We’re going camping!

That’s a sentence I didn’t really think I’d be writing (typing).

I’ve been camping a couple of times before, but I was kind of put off by my last camping experience. Once was a week in the north of England at a massive Guide camp. The other was when Thomas and I went camping for a night a few years […]

907, 2018

What to do on Rainy Travel Days

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You wake up in an unfamiliar bed to the sound of rain battering the window. The soothing, relaxing sound of rain.

But wait. You quickly remember you’re on holiday and the last thing you want is rain.

Bad weather can ruin all your holiday plans, especially if you’re in a typically sunny weather destination. After all, you can’t go to the beach […]