305, 2018

How to Improve Short Trips in One Easy Way

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Travelling is so much fun. It’s an escape, it’s enlivening, exciting and shakes up the everyday. Long trips, short trips, every type of trip is

But it can be all too tempting to try to fit as much as possible into our travels. Whether for you that means visiting as many museums and galleries as you can, doing as much sightseeing […]

3004, 2018

Monthly Round-Up: April Edition

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What happened in April? 
Phew. April has been a bit of a hectic month, despite not having many major plans before the month started.

At the beginning of the month, Thomas was away in America to see The Masters golf tournament for a week. That meant I had a week to really get stuck into work and some new client projects. I […]

2604, 2018

My Poorly Pup, Pancreatitis and Realisations

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This week my beloved dog Ben has been ill. Like, really ill.

He had no energy, was sleeping all the time, being sick and had really bad diarrhoea. We rushed him to the vet and were told they’d have to keep him in. They wanted to run tests and put him on a drip to get fluids into him as quickly […]

2304, 2018

My Favourite Weekend Escape – Archerfield Estate

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It’s a place that makes me feel dozens of different things at times. It can make me feel cosy – like I want to grab a book and curl up by the open fire in autumn and winter. In spring and summer when the sun is shining and the wind is blowing gently through the trees it makes me feel […]

1904, 2018

Returning to India

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Guys, I did something rather exciting last week. I booked to go back to India next year!

I first travelled to India 5 years ago on a trip with my mum. She’d been obsessed with the idea of visiting India for forever but my dad was reluctant. She decided (in her typical headstrong manner) that she wasn’t waiting for him to […]

1604, 2018

All The Ingredients for A Perfect Short Break

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I don’t know about you, but I absolutely adore a short break. I look forward to long weekends away or a mid-week escape just as much as I do with a longer trip.

Short breaks offer the chance to abandon everyday life just for a few days. You can get away without breaking the bank and taking too much time off […]

1204, 2018

The Highs and Lows of My First Ski Trip

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If you’re a regular reader around here you’ll know I went on my first ever ski trip last month. I travelled to Pamporovo in Bulgaria for a week with Thomas, his sister and her partner. We had an absolute blast and I can’t wait to go on another ski holiday again next ski season.

But, a ski holiday is a very […]

904, 2018

What to Pack for Your First Ski Trip

By |April 9th, 2018|Bulgaria, Destinations, Packing Lists & What to Wear In...|2 Comments

So you’ve booked your first ski trip and you’re wondering what on earth to pack. I feel you. I was the exact same before my first ski trip too. I read tonnes and tonnes of online articles on what to pack but found conflicting information everywhere.

To make it easier for you, I thought I’d put together my very own list […]

504, 2018

Why I Went Skiing in Bulgaria

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I’m sure Bulgaria isn’t the first destination that springs to mind when I mention skiing in Europe, right? It definitely wasn’t a ski destination on my radar before either. You’d be forgiven for wondering why I went all the way to Bulgaria for a ski trip.

When I think of skiing in Europe I immediately think of the big resorts, like […]

204, 2018

Monthly Round-Up: March Edition

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What happened in March? 
March has been such a fantastic month, with so many good things happening.

I celebrated my parent’s 40th wedding anniversary. My amazing dad surprised my mum with a private dining experience with all the family and a trip to Marrakech (I know, my dad is #HusbandGoals!). Our private dining experience in Glasgow was superb and it was pretty […]