For so many years I’ve found myself frustrated when speaking to people who tell me they’ve visited Scotland, but not been outside of Edinburgh. Sure, Edinburgh is beautiful and has the gorgeous architecture and charming city-vibe, but there’s so much more to my amazing country than just this.

If you’re visiting Scotland and would like to see more of what it has to offer outside of Edinburgh, then here’s some places I think are worth seeing…

Visit Glasgow

Edinburgh is actually a much smaller city than it’s grittier neighbour, Glasgow, despite being the capital. Glasgow can be easily reached from Edinburgh in under an hour and offers something a little different.

Whilst Edinburgh is blessed with good looks that are undeniable and blow visitors away, Glasgow is more of a slow burner. It’s like one of those people who don’t look all that special to begin with, but then you get to know them and you realise there’s actually something magnetic and really attractive about them.

Glasgow has an incredible number of free museums, great restaurants, quirky pubs and bars, superb shopping and some really lovely Gothic architecture.

My favourite area of Glasgow is the West End of the city, where there’s a young and cool vibe thanks to The University of Glasgow being located there. There are hidden laneways with amazing vintage stores and more delicious places to eat than you could ever need.

Get to the highlands

If you want to experience the magical Scottish landscapes and breathtaking views that we’re blessed with then don’t pass up an opportunity to visit the Highlands.

You can reach the Highlands in less than four hours from Edinburgh and you definitely won’t regret making the effort.

When exploring the vast landscapes and rugged scenery of the Highlands it’s easy for Scottish history to come alive in your imagination. It’s the type of place that sets your mind alight and you just can’t fail to fall in love with the romance of it all.

Go to the coast

Scotland has an incredible amount of gorgeous coastline, with the mainland having more than 6,000 glorious miles of it. No trip to Scotland would be really complete without taking in some fresh sea air. TRAVEL SCOTLAND

You could visit the picture-perfect beaches of the east coast that are so reachable from Edinburgh. Or, for something a little more rugged, travel to the rocky areas of the west coast.

If you’re feeling especially up for some exploration then head north and you’ll find rocky bays as well as gorgeous sandy beaches and you’ll be spoiled for choice.

Check out the other cities

Scotland has seven vibrant cities and they’re definitely all worth a visit. I’ve already mentioned Glasgow and Edinburgh, so here’s the other five.

Inverness is the most northerly city in Scotland and is rather close to world-famous Loch Ness if you fancy a little Nessie hunting.

Aberdeen, also known as the Granite City, is a port city in the north east where you’ll find great nightlife and gorgeous beaches nearby.

Dundee, around an hour and a half from Edinburgh is a city with a large population of students, making it extremely fun loving and a great place to explore.

Next is Stirling, located in central Scotland. If you do visit Stirling then be sure not to miss Stirling Castle and the Wallace Monument.

Last, but certainly not least, is Perth, a city with a population of just around 50,000 people. As far as cities go it’s relatively quiet, but that can also be part of it’s appeal. It’s also a great base if you wish to explore the gorgeous surrounding landscapes of Perth and Kinross.

If you only have time to visit one, then I recommend Aberdeen. It has great restaurants, plenty of museums and a great city centre with loads to do and see.

Travel to at least one island

I recently learned that there are more than 800 islands and islets surrounding Scotland. I knew there were a lot, but that number really blew me away!

It would be crazy to come to Scotland and not visit at least one of our beautiful and varied islands.

If you only have time to visit one, then I recommend Skye, in the Inner Hebrides. Skye is rugged, natural and so beautiful it sort of makes your eyes hurt after a while. Around every corner there seems to be yet another picturesque view, and it’s a perfect place for loads of walking, exploring and enjoying the great outdoors. TRAVEL SCOTLAND

Do you agree that these other places are just as important as Edinburgh? Have you visited any of these places? Let me know in the comments below! 

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