I’ve been lucky enough to have been on 18 cruise holidays in my lifetime. Eighteen. That’s a lot for someone who’s only 27 years old. I didn’t go on my first cruise until I was 13, so that means I’ve done 18 cruises in the last 14 years. It sounds like a lot when I put it like that!

I’ve written extensively about how much I love cruising and how it’s not just for old people. I’ve been writing about that since before it was a mainstream topic.

But, I haven’t actually been on a cruise since the end of 2014 – more than 3 years ago. It definitely hasn’t been a conscious decision to not go on any cruise holidays during this time, it’s just been how it’s worked out. We’ve had other places we’ve wanted to discover, other holiday types we’ve wanted to go on and different people we’ve wanted to travel with. That doesn’t mean there aren’t things I miss about cruise holidays though…

Visiting multiple places 

best things about cruise holidays
Pretty much my favourite thing about cruising is that you can visit multiple places whilst only unpacking once. Waking up in a new place almost every day is so incredible and such a selling point for me. Whilst I’ve loved all the travels I’ve had in the last few years to one destination at a time, it is such a draw to go on a cruise and visit lots of fantastic new places all in one holiday.

Being at sea 

As much as I love rolling into a different place most days, I also love that feeling I get when sailing. When I stand on deck and look around and see nothing but the sea and sky around, I love it. It makes me remember what a small space we all occupy in the world.
best things about cruise holidays

It reminds me how big the world is and how much I still have to see of it. There are so many countries, cultures and amazing things to see in the world, but it’s easy to forget about all of that when we get caught up in the busyness of everyday life. That feeling of looking out at the waves passing always makes me happy and makes me so in awe of the world around me.

The food 

best things about cruise holidays

Let me start this section by saying that some cruise lines offer better food than others. The majority of cruises I’ve been on have had fantastic food and some of my favourite meals have been ones I’ve had at sea.

Ships with several different restaurants are my favourite, as I like to mix things up. Throughout the course of a holiday, I like to try out all the restaurants on board. This means having different types of food, eating in different places around the ship and selecting from different menus.

The service 

best things about cruise holidays
Apart from one cruise I’ve been on (I won’t say which line!), I always find the service at sea to be superb. Generally, staff are so friendly and will go above and beyond to look after your needs. They make an effort to remember your name and your drinks order, all with a smile on their face. Perfect!

What do you think are the best things about cruise holidays?