The popularity of gin has blown up exponentially in recent years. Let’s face it, gin used to be one of those drinks that were loved by grandmothers, but now everyone can’t get enough of gin!

Did you know that more than 70% of all gin produced in The UK comes from Scotland? Scotland (a nation that loves a good tipple!) has more than 50 different gin distilleries across the country.

Read on for a selection of some of the very best gin distilleries to visit in Scotland…

Rock Rose Gin, Dunnet Bay Distillery, Dunnet Bay 

Dunnet Bay Distillery at the tip of mainland Scotland is home to Rock Rose gin. It also happens to be the most picturesque location for a distillery, with stunning Dunnet Head beach just a stones throw away.
gin distilleries to visit in scotland, rock rose distillery

Rock Rose was created by husband and wife team Martin and Claire and began in 2014. They use a range of locally grown and sourced botanicals to infuse their gin and each bottle has a wax seal that is hand poured. Their love for their products come through in their distillery tour, where you get to ‘meet’ Elizabeth (the copper still where the gin is produced), see wax seals being put on bottles and taste the different varieties available.

Edinburgh Gin, Edinburgh

Right in the heart of Edinburgh, you’ll find Edinburgh Gin Distillery, home to aptly named Edinburgh Gin. Like Rock Rose, Edinburgh Gin is a small-batch distiller, allowing them great control over the quality of their gin.

They produce a wide range of gins and on their distillery tour you’ll learn all about the science of distilling, see their two copper stills Flora and Caledonia in action and enjoy a delicious gin and tonic at the end! If you want to visit at the weekend, be sure to book well in advance as places get snapped up quickly.

Pickering’s Gin, Summerhall Distillery, Edinburgh

Pickering’s Gin is distilled at Summerhall Distillery – part of an old Veterinary school. Today, they distil, wax, bottle and dispatch every single bottle and bauble(yes, a bauble of gin to hang on your Christmas tree!) of gin from the former small animal kennels of the Veterinary school.
gin distilleries to visit in scotland, pickerings gin baubles

On their gin distillery tour, you’ll learn all about the 9 botanicals that are used in each edition of Pickering’s and see their ‘curvaceous dames’ Gert and Emily (the copper stills!). You’ll also get to taste a crisp gin and tonic, because it isn’t really a gin distillery tour unless you get to taste the product, right?!

Glasgow Distillery Co, Glasgow 

It just wouldn’t be Scotland without learning more about and sampling some whisky, right? Well, at the Glasgow Distillery Co you can visit the very first gin and single malt distillery, home to Makar gin and 1770 whisky.

Makar Original Gin was the first gin to be distilled in the city of Glasgow and is a bold, juniper-led gin whose name derives from the ancient Scots word for ‘the maker’. On a tour, you’ll learn all about the history of the gin, the distillery, distilling roots in Glasgow and the different types of gin they have available – including both oak and mulberry aged gin.

You’ll also learn about the whisky they distil there too and about the craftmanship and care that goes into creating every single bottle.

Eden Mill Gin, Eden Mill, St Andrews 

In 2012, Eden Mill became Scotland’s first single-site brewery and distillery, benefiting from local water sources and regionally grown barley. As well as gin they create delicious ranges of beer and whisky as you’ll learn on their distillery tour.
gin distilleries to visit in scotland

Their gin tour begins with a lovely gin and tonic as you learn all about the history of the site. Then, you’ll learn about their distilling techniques and locally grown botanicals before heading into the distilling area itself to see the production process – the majority of which is lovingly done by hand.


Do you have any gin distilleries to visit in Scotland to add to the list?