I’d seen pictures of Besalú, Spain before I arrived, but I wasn’t prepared for just how stunning it would actually be. As we drove into the town our first glimpse was of the medieval Viejo Bridge, and I was blown away by how much it looked exactly like the pictures. You know sometimes when you go to a new place and you’re disappointed because what you really see isn’t as good as what the pictures portray? Well, if anything Besalú was already better.

 Viejo Bridge, Besalú, Costa Brava

Viejo Bridge (aka the fairy-tale bridge)

I was desperate to explore, and on my first walk around the village of just over a thousand people, I felt like I was walking in a fairy-tale setting. The cobbled streets, arches, and medieval architecture are so well-preserved that it is like delving head first into the past. Just walking through the streets felt like the perfect way to uncover the secrets and mysteries of one of the best preserved Romanesque towns in Catalonia. It seemed like at the end of every street I’d stumble upon something interesting – whether that be a breathtaking view across the village, a charming archway to walk under or a wide-open Plaça dotted with cafes and tapas bars.

Besalú, Costa Brava, Spain

There’s something so special about little arches

Besalú, Costa Brava, Spain

It’s even more magical at night

After a pretty late night (for night please read early morning), I woke up and was both surprised and pleased to find no-one else around. Walking outside the air was fresh and cool and all I could hear was the memorizing sound of silence. The lush green hills which surround the village were enshrouded in cloud, creating a wholly ethereal picture before my eyes. It was at that moment where I truly fell for Besalú.

Viejo Bridge, Besalú, Costa Brava, Spain

Viejo Bridge from the other side, looking back over the village of Besalú

Every so often during my stay, cutting through the sleepy tranquility of Besalú, I could hear iPhone’s and other gadgets vibrating and panicked cries of ‘the wifi won’t work! HELP!’  That’s right, 15 travel bloggers including myself, had descended upon the village to well and truly disturb the peace. Thanks to the lovely people at Charming Villas we got to stay in the most ridiculously opulent house, Casa Marcial and learn lots from the awesome senior travel bloggers that had organised to share their knowledge and wisdom with us during our stay. As well as the spectacular setting, it was a fantastic experience and one which I’ll definitely never forget.

Casa Marcial, Besalu, Costa Brava, Spain

Our killer house had part of a monastery attached to it… (that’s not to mention the pool!)

Blog House Casa Marcial 2012

Blog House attendees (good-looking bunch, right!)

Besalú, one day I’ll be back. I left a little piece of myself there.