Experiencing Cool Berlin

I’d heard so much about Berlin recently that I literally jumped at the opportunity to spend a long weekend in Germany’s capital city and began researching immediately.

Hipster. Cool. Trendy. Funky. Colourful. Multi-cultural. Alternative. 

Berlin Kreuzberg Bars

This is the type of colourful place you stumble upon in Krezuberg…

These are just some of the words that repeatedly came up whenever I read or heard about Berlin. It’s safe to say I was intrigued, and longing to explore the city. However I couldn’t stop myself from paying attention to this niggling feeling:

Was I cool enough for Berlin?

After reading all these descriptions I was expecting Berlin to be ice cool, and no I’m not referring to the harsh Germanic winters. I’m a pretty normal girl, I’m not particularly cool, or edgy, or hipster, or trendy. I thought I’d look severely out-of-place in what I believed to be the epitome of cool. My clothes wouldn’t be right, my hair wouldn’t be right, my attitude wouldn’t be right. I’d be surrounded my impossibly hot party people, and sticking out like a sore thumb.

But it turns out I needn’t have worried.

Berlin is indifferent, utterly accepting. From the spaced-out, dreadlocked hippies at the Turkish market in Kreuzberg, to the hipster types that seem to be everywhere.  Berlin doesn’t seem to care who you are. Nobody stops to give anyone a second glance.

Experiencing the Berlin nightlife in Kreuzberg on a Friday truly opened my eyes to this, and more. Seeking shelter from the splattering raindrops that were falling relentlessly on us, we ran into the first bar we could find. It was dark, cosy, and crowded with people beginning  their weekends in true Berlin style. Kreuzberg has recently evolved into the trendiest part of Berlin, it’s where the Berlin locals spend their time. And it’s where you should go to experience the real nightlife of Berlin. Forget the tourist bars that you’ll find in Mitte and around Alexanderplatz and dive straight into the gritty, almost illicit side of Berlin.

Bar in Kreuzberg Berlin

Weekends here are hedonistic 48 hour party affairs, with beer gardens and man-made beach bars opening just as the clubs are emptying. It’s not unusual to see people taking the S-Bahn or U-Bahn home from a night out at 3pm the next afternoon. And nobody seems to mind.

As we venture into the bar there’s definitely a hipster vibe, it’s unmistakable, but it’s not exclusive. It’s entirely inclusive. It’s not like other bars and clubs I’ve been in cities around the world, where you can literally feel people’s eyes looking you up and down, judging you as you step through the threshold. Nobody stopped to give us a second glance, and it felt good. It felt good not to have people analysing your every move when all you want to do is relax and have a little fun.

And Berlin is definitely the place to have fun!

Berlin Poor but Sexy

My new favourite description of Berlin…


I stayed in a lovely apartment in Kreuzberg thanks to the awesome people at Oh Berlin but all opinions, mistaken preconceived ideas and general ramblings are my own.

20 Responses to Experiencing Cool Berlin

  1. Sebastian @ Off-The-Path.com

    #crazyberlin I love your post emma! It was such a great weekend!

  2. Scarlett

    Love the pics (especially the last one). Thinking of going to BErlin next year, you’ll have to give me tips on where to go!! x

    • Emma

      I’ll come in your suitcase and be your tour guide! Berlin is awesome, you’d love it!x

  3. @mrsoaroundworld

    OMG, I really want to go! Everything about me is saying Berlin, Berlin!! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Cheryl Howard

    Awww, so glad you had fun in my new home town! Berlin is pretty awesome. :)

    • Emma

      It’s amazing. I fell hard!

  5. Naomi

    THIS! THIS is why Berlin is one of the most fun cities on the planet. Love this post!

    • Emma

      Thanks, Naomi! It’s a great place. I’m dying to go back again :)

  6. Allison GoWithOh

    Incredible post with awesome insight into the wonderful, and inviting city of Berlin!Glad you got to experience some authentic Berlin nightlife-excited to hear more about your trip and more reasons why you loved Berlin!

    • Emma

      Thanks, Allison. More Berlin posts to come soon :)

  7. Simon Taylor

    I’d never really considered Berlin as a short-break destination (having only been there on very quick business trips with no time to explore anything beyond a meeting room), however after reading your post I would seriously consider it. Great post Emma, and wonderful photography – thanks for sharing.

    • Emma

      Well you definitely have to go to Berlin for a real trip and not a business trip. Thanks for reading :)

  8. Oh-Berlin

    Hey Emma,

    glad you loved Kreuzberg and Berlin. It´s hard not be bitten by Berlin´s charms.

    The non-judgemental aspect is pretty cool, right?

    Did you enjoy the Film Kunst bar? Great place, we have spent many afternoons, nights and mornings there, and pretty wild at weekends.

  9. sanjeewa-padmal travel blogger

    Berlin is a pretty good place to have a holiday. You can most enjoy modern life style in Berlin.

  10. Anita

    I’m a big Berlin-fan and go there normally twice a year. And you’re absolutly right Kreuzberg is the place to be, doesn’t matter if its for nightlife or during the day as there are some lovely restaurants, shops & cafées, too :-)

    • Emma Gray

      Yeah Kreuzberg is a great area in Berlin. I fell in love with it. I might have to follow your lead and visit Berlin twice a year from now on too!

  11. Suzy

    I definitely felt like Berlin was a cool city when I visited it for the first time. It’s really a fascinating place that is trying to find itself and I think everyone is trying to find themselves in it in the process.

  12. Charu

    What a lovely post! I’ve never been to Berlin but I’ve often wondered WHAT vibe it had…so thank you for this post!

    • Emma Gray

      Thanks for reading! Berlin is an amazing city, you have to visit one day :)

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