Beautiful North Berwick

I’ve just returned from a dreamy, relaxing weekend at Archerfield Lodges near the picture perfect seaside town of North Berwick in the north east of Scotland.

Archerfield near North Berwick, Scotland

Not a bad place to spend a weekend…

Having never taken the time to explore North Berwick properly I was delighted that the sun was shining and we were blessed with a lovely Scottish summer weekend. It’s the perfect little town to stroll along the beachfront, or get down onto the beach and feel the sand between your toes.

North Berwick, Scotland

Beautiful sandy beach

We decided to drag ourselves away from our lovely kitchen (and my brother’s rather fabulous cooking) at our lodge and venture into North Berwick for dinner. We decided to eat in Osteria, a popular Italian restaurant at the heart of North Berwick. This restaurant won ‘Best Italian of the Year 2013′ at the Scottish restaurant awards, and I can definitely tell why.

I was blown away by the friendly staff, great wine list and delicious food. I had one of their daily specials for my main course which was fresh North Berwick lobster cooked in butter and chilli. It was almost certainly the best lobster dish I’ve ever had. Next time I’m in North Berwick I will absolutely be booking this restaurant again.

Osteria North Berwick

Oh hey there, lobster!

North Berwick is full of cute coffee shops, boutique shops and all the interesting type of shops that you don’t find on the high street. It’s easy to spend a few hours wandering the shops and admiring the different pieces then stopping off for a well earned coffee and slice of cake.

But by far my favourite part about North Berwick was the views. On a clear Sunday afternoon I enjoyed the views from the Seabird Centre’s cafe and then took a nice wander along the rocks to a viewing point where I was greeted with scenes like this.

North Berwick, Scotland

The water was lovely and calm, clear and sparkling in the sunshine. If I didn’t know better I would have believed I was somewhere in the Mediterranean rather that at home in Scotland!

North Berwick, Bass Rock

This view of the famous volcanic Bass Rock surrounded by wispy white clouds was my favourite. It’s safe to say the quaint shops, small town feel, amazing lobster, sandy beaches and views to die for have left me longing to return to North Berwick sometime in the very near future.

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  1. Christoffer Moen

    Beautiful place! And you get to see that any time you want to? I’m jealous. And the photos are gorgeous. Keep ‘em coming. Cheers!

    • Emma Gray

      I’m very lucky! Thanks, Christoffer. Plenty more where those came from!

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