How to Avoid the Post Travel Blues

You know how it is, you return from an amazing trip and find yourself back in your hometown, back to work, back to cooking and cleaning and all that other mundane stuff and you quickly feel like you’ve never been away. It kind of takes the shine off the whole holiday experience and you end up becoming a little down in the dumps (well, at least I know I do).


Anyone would be depressed after coming home from this beach, right?

So, how can you stave off the post travel blues and avoid becoming depressed as quickly as your tan is fading? Here’s my top tips to keeping that great holiday mood going even when you return…

Book another trip

This is clearly the easiest and simplest solution, albeit not the cheapest one. Researching, planning and booking another trip is definitely one way to feed your wanderlust and will give you something to look forward to that’ll take your mind off the harsh reality of being back home.


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Explore your own town or city

If you can’t go and explore some exotic, far-off land then why not at least get to know your own hometown better. Like me with my hometown Glasgow, you’ll probably find that there’s dozens of attractions out there that you’ve never even considered visiting just because you’re not a tourist in your town or city. There’s bound to be a museum or two to have a nosy round, an area you’ve never taken a walk through or some cool exhibition, gig or event on that you could check out. It’ll help you see your hometown with fresh eyes and make you realise that being home isn’t such a bad thing after all.


Exploring Glasgow’s Botanic Gardens

Surround yourself with awesome people

When you return from a trip make an effort to catch up with all your friends and family in the first few days and weeks. You’re bound to have travel tales to tell, especially if you’ve been on an extended trip, and they’ll have gossip from whilst you were gone. Make lunch dates, go to the cinema, have your friends round for dinner or even just take a walk in the park with your favourite people. They’ll be bound to take your mind off any post travel depression and make you smile again. Bonus points if someone can make you laugh until your sides hurt!

Update or redecorate

A good project that’ll keep you busy and refresh your home is a great way to update your surroundings and give you a new lease of life. It could be a big project like painting your living room or just something as simple as printing out some snaps from our trip, putting them in frames and dotting them around your house to give it a fresh feel.

Recreate your favourite dishes from abroad

One way to bring the travel to you is to recreate some of your favourite dishes that you enjoyed on your trip. There  are so many recipes on the internet that you’re bound to find one that’ll show you how to attempt to make some exotic dishes at home.

I love making curries at home that are similar to the ones I devoured in India. They’re definitely not as good as the real thing but it’s a great little taste of India that I get to enjoy at home.


I’m certain my curries would taste better if I was still enjoying views like this in India…

What are your top tips on avoiding the post trip blues? I’d love to hear them!

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