An Idyllic Break at Inadown Farm and Stables

I took an epic road trip last week from my home in the west of Scotland all the way down to the South Downs National Park in Hampshire, almost at the very bottom of England. The purpose of this almost 1,000 mile round trip was for a short break at an adorable cottage in one of the most idyllic locations I’ve ever been lucky enough to experience.

Taking the exit from the motorway and finding ourselves quickly surrounded by rolling green hills and endless fields was a welcome break from the miles of grey motorway that we had endured to reach this point. As we began to drive past rustic cottages with thatched roofs and charming country pubs we quickly knew that the long drive had been more than worth it. And we hadn’t even reached Goldridge Cottage yet.
Goldridge Cottage South Downs National Park

Rumbling down a single track road and pulling into the courtyard of Inadown Farm and Stables I was enjoying the feeling of being in such a remote spot, but with towns and villages just a short drive away.

We retrieved the key and unlocked the door to our perfect little cottage, home for the next few nights.

Inadown Farm and Stables

It was decorated in a chic, country manner with fresh flowers on the polka-dot-clad kitchen table and a chilled bottle of French wine waiting in the fridge. What a wonderful coincidence that it just happened to be one of my favourite wines!

We were travelling with my little dog, miniature schnauzer Ben, who was overcome with excitement to find a bag filled with goodies waiting for him atop a fluffy dog bed.

Inadown Farm and Stables

It was a lovely touch to find dog treats, a ball, dog towels, a lead and a water bottle and a few other bits and bobs waiting for Ben. It’s so nice to find dog friendly accommodation, and there were so many lovely walks nearby that Ben absolutely adored.

Surely that’s the perfect cue for a picture of Ben enjoying the aforementioned bed…

Dog Friendly Cottage South Downs National Park

It wasn’t just little Ben who enjoyed the countryside walks, I adored them too. There’s something I love about being surrounded by fields and farmland. The only sounds we could hear in our cottage were the occasional clip-clops of horses trotting past.

With views like this to enjoy only two minutes walk from Inadown Farm and Stables I found it to be utterly idyllic and didn’t really want to leave at the end of our short break!

Inadown Farm and Stables South Downs National Park

The cottage was so comfortable and had everything we could have possibly wanted. One thing I love about staying in an apartment or a cottage rather than a hotel is the fact you have a kitchen to cook in.

I was lucky enough to have a delicious Indian curry cooked for me which of course was washed down with some of the delicious French wine.

Inadown Farm and Stables South Downs National Park

You can check out Inadown Farm and Stables and Goldridge Cottage over at Mulberry Cottages. My stay at Inadown Farm and Stables was provided complimentary however, all opinions and entirely my own (influenced by Ben the dog!). 

6 Responses to An Idyllic Break at Inadown Farm and Stables

  1. Lisa Carlson

    Love the blog, great photos! So glad you had a nice stay.

    • Emma Gray

      Thanks, Lisa. Great stay at a lovely property :)

  2. Brittany

    cute puppy dog! I travel with my dog often and find it difficult to find accommodations that will allow my dog but more importantly – have some place to take them.

    • Emma Gray

      Thanks, he’s a little sweetie :) It definitely can be hard to find places that allow pets. This place was so welcoming which made it perfect for us!

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