Emma’s Travel Tales was launched in 2011 as a place for young travel lovers and adventure seekers to find information, tips, advice and inspiration on all things travel related.

If you love travel, exploring new places, and seeing more of this beautiful world then you’ll be right at home here!

I’m Emma. I’m 28  years old and I was born and raised in a village just outside Glasgow in beautiful Scotland. 

Ever since I was 6 months old, when my fabulous parents took me on my first flight, I’ve been filled with a deep and inescapable sense of wanderlust. Travelling is my passion. I love nothing more than packing a suitcase and travelling whether it’s alone, with my partner Thomas, with friends or with family.

I’ve always known that working 9 to 5 in an office cubicle wasn’t going to be for me. I started Emma’s Travel Tales in 2011 and begun my quest for a location independent lifestyle. Alongside this blog I run a marketing business, Making Media Simple. I work on a freelance basis for clients across all industries creating content and managing social media platforms.

My blog and business give me the ability to work from anywhere in the world as long as as I have internet access. I can pack my bags tomorrow and fly to anywhere in the world and work from there using only my laptop and some other nifty little gadgets. I challenged myself to live life differently to what was expected of me and it’s safe to say I’ve achieved that so far.

So far I have travelled to 38 different countries and have no intention of stopping anytime soon!

When I’m not travelling abroad I love to explore everything that Scotland has to offer. Sometimes you don’t have to go too far to have an amazing experience and the best places are often on our own doorstep.   

Emma Gray, Emma's Travel Tales

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 What is my travel style?

Well, I’m not a backpacker, so you’re probably not going to read about me backpacking around Asia like the millions of other travel blogs out there.

I love stylish, quirky, affordable travel so when I’m travelling I much prefer to spend a little more money and stay in a great hotel or apartment rather than the cheapest place I can find. Being in nice surroundings all adds to the travel experience, right?! I’m all about making the most of my money though and if there’s a bargain to be had, I’ll find it and I love to save money when booking travel.
Emma Gray, Emma's Travel Tales

I also love cruise travel and firmly believe that cruising is a great way for young people to travel. Sure, cruises used to just be about older couples shuffling around a ballroom and exchanging small talk with other suitably old couples but these days it’s so much more. Check out my dedicated cruise section to learn more.

Emma Gray, Emma's Travel Tales

Join me here on my blog as I share my travel experiences, photos, tips, and advice from wherever my travels take me to next. I’m busy making memories around the world. 

A big thank you to each and every one of you who decide to click on my blog every day. I hope to continue to make my little slice of the internet an enjoyable place for you to visit.

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